Why Podcasts Are the Modern Bedtime Stories for Adults

As an adult, you don’t have the luxury of childhood bedtime stories to help you fall asleep at night. Yet, there are benefits to bedtime stories that we should all get to experience once in a while. For example, bedtime stories have been proven to decrease stress, lowering cortisol levels while stimulating creativity in the brain. Such research suggests that there’s nothing wrong with a little late-night nostalgia for the good times when you were young. Luckily, reaping the benefits of bedtime stories as an adult doesn’t necessarily require you to pick up a copy of Goodnight Moon before turning in for the night. Drew Ackerman, the creator of the Sleep With Me podcast, aims to combine both nostalgia for bedtime stories and the desire to fall asleep in his newest venture aimed specifically towards adults.

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Essentially, Ackerman took advantage of his self-described “boring” voice to tell inventive creative stories for adults, ranging from pop culture topics to whatever is on his mind at the time. He recognized he was facing a problem many individuals face, having insomnia and constantly struggling to fall asleep. Ackerman even discussed his recent pattern of having unsettling dreams that are filled with anxiety and overthinking. However, when he started Sleep With Me, he began a series of rituals that helped induce drowsiness and prepared him for sleep. Part of this routine consists of meditation, and the other part consists of recording his podcast.

Cleverly, Ackerman uses Sleep With Me to tout a new version of bedtime stories for adults, where you can listen quietly in bed and slip into a state of mindless thinking. Relaxing after a busy day has always been difficult, especially given how much we all stress, but Ackerman’s delightful plot twists are meant to induce tangents to let your attention drift. His episodes are currently at twelve per month and feature imaginary worlds, with no dead airtime to give your mind a chance to repeat its patterns of worry or overthinking. It’s good for the occasional laugh to lighten your mood, or to help you drift away calmly. This stream-of-consciousness style, while reminiscent of James Joyce, is definitely effective.


If you want to see for yourself the new way to fall asleep, try out Drew Ackerman’s podcast for yourself. We recommend settling in to listen with a bottle of reBloom to ensure a deep night’s sleep.

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