When Does Sleeping Outweigh Doing Work?

The transition into the “real world” is tough. Going to work, working additional hours from home, checking emails constantly, trying to maintain an active social life, keeping in touch with family and friends…so much to do, but not enough hours in the day!

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When you’re faced with either pulling an all nighter to finish up that project or going to bed for a good night’s sleep – what should you do? At times, life can be overwhelming and test young professionals’ will to succeed and determination to strive in a challenging environment. With this, young adults are able to learn valuable lessons beyond what school teaches them in the classroom and  prepares them on how to handle things that will help them throughout their lives, such as multitasking, dealing with stressful situations, and prioritizing.


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Something that everyone, especially young adults, often have to prioritize is sleep. When transitioning into a new job and lifestyle, you may struggle more with this because it is the beginning of your “adult” life and you have yet to learn what works best for you. Some individuals operate perfectly normal off of five hours, while others require nine hours in order to function properly. The science behind it supports that students need to get a “good amount” of sleep each night in order to succeed academically. What is considered a “good amount?”  While it is not scientifically defined, most know, or figure out, what personally works for them.

Sleep: harmful or helpful?

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Sleep, either too much or lack thereof, can destroy a career. When starting a new job or if you work in a very demanding position, you may want to pull a few ‘all-nighters’ to prove yourself and get your tasks done. This can quickly lead to throwing your sleep cycle into complete and utter chaos.

Although the work needs to be done, if there is a way to better schedule your time – do it. Your health is the most important, and that begins with sleep. A study conducted by Baerta, Omeya, Verhaesta, and Vermeira concluded that sleep quality directly affects achievement. The data that they collected shows that a bad night’s sleep has a positive relationship with declining test scores; meaning, the worse the sleep, the worse the work performance.  Young professionals are so often overwhelmed with living on their own, getting a good reputation in the workplace, and getting their jobs done, that sleep is not the number one priority. However, this study claims that some extra sleep is likely to be more beneficial than pulling that all nighter.

Maintain a Regular Sleeping Pattern

Regardless of what is going on in your work life or social life, it is important to try to maintain a somewhat regular sleeping pattern in order to succeed in your career. Having a regular sleep schedule can keep you concentrated and alert at work. which will increase your productivity and focus.



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  1. I definitely relate to this. I struggle with this decision almost every day. I find that prioritizing and making tentative schedules for the day and week usually help ease some of the tension.

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