What to Wear (or Not) to Bed

What you wear can affect how quickly you fall asleep, because, let’s face it: if you’re not comfortable, you’re not snoozing. Even if you already have a go-to outfit, try mixing it up with a different option and see how you like it.

Cotton: Cotton is a great choice for warmer nights and seasons, as it breathes well. The higher the thread count, the happier you’ll be. Cotton pajamas range from matching superhero top and bottoms all the way to just an old worn out T-shirt and gym shorts. Remember: not all heroes wear capes, but they all need their sleep.

Nautica Men’s Sultan Stripe Woven Pajama Pant, $27

Wool/Flannel: Flannel can be made with cotton as well, but wool provides a much warmer alternative. This is your go to mountain house getaway option. Whether you’re shuffling around a log cabin on vacation or just cranking the air conditioning in August pretending it’s not miserably hot outside, flannel pajamas will keep you cozy.

Premium Flannel Lounge Pant , $15

Silk: Simply put, this is a luxury. There are warmer options and attire that breathes better, but perhaps none softer. In an ideal climate, silk is a very comfortable bedtime getup. This is a nice gift option (depending on the relationship) because it’s not a necessity, so they won’t feel bad about buying it themselves and not wearing it every night.

Fishers Finery Essential 100% Silk Nightgown , $60
Beautiful relaxed woman lying and sleeping on bed in bedroom

Nude: While there are numerous benefits to going commando when going to bed, some of them depend on if you share a bed with someone. Regardless of whether you sleep alone or not, snoozing in the nude allows your body to breathe better on warm nights and actually insulates your body heat under the covers on a cold night.

Socks: Wearing socks to bed is obviously a personal preference (often a love/hate), but for many this can be a game changer. Give it a try tonight. If you hate it, then you’ll know it’s not for you. If you love it, let us know. Either way, you’ll have put the matter to bed.

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Wearing the right thing to bed is just one step in the direction of optimal sleep. Another? Trying all-natural remedies like reBloom to help you get some shut-eye when you’re body is stubbornly refusing to nod off. 

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