What Does Your Bedtime Ensemble Say About You?

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What is your go-to nighttime outfit? Just a raggy, old t-shirt and some boxers? Or do you have your favorite silk nightgown that you slip on? Everyone has different preferences about what they enjoy wearing to bed, but you might not have known that those preferences may reveal a few things about your personality. Here’s the low-down.

An Old T-Shirt and Pajama Pants

Are you the kind of person who hoards old t-shirts (even the ones with stains) just to keep them for the sake of the memories? If so, chances are you wouldn’t dare wear these shirts out of the house, but when it comes to crawling into bed at night, you feel the most comfortable dozing off in your favorite old tee. When that’s the case, it could mean that you’re the type of person who can get super nostalgic, and doesn’t really like to let go of the past.

A Matching Set

Lots of people buy matching sets when they’re shopping for pajamas, but fewer people actually try to keep their matching separates together when it comes to changing for bed at night. If you aren’t a fan of mixing and matching your pajama separates, this probably means that you are very organized, prepared, and put together; you know what you want, what you like, and what you dislike. You won’t sacrifice your sense of fashion at any point in your day, even when you are going to bed.

girl sitting in bed in pajamas


You must be feeling yourself – and there’s nothing wrong with embracing that to the fullest! You are confident and proud to flaunt your assets, whether it is for a significant other or just for yourself. You believe in the “look good, feel good” mantra, which, maybe in this case, is a little more like, “look good, sleep good.” Whatever the case, keep doing your thing!


There aren’t that many people comfortable enough to go totally commando at bedtime. But if you’re one of those people who happens to like stripping down before slipping into bed, this probably means that you are such a free spirit, you embrace who you are and aren’t afraid of new things. For you, being nude is when you feel your best because it’s when you feel most like yourself.

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