What Are the Best Ways to Get Over Dysania?

We all suffer from the occasional bout of I-just-can’t-get-out-of-bed-right-now-or-ever syndrome. But for some, the struggle of dragging yourself out from under the covers in the morning can be a little tougher than others. Case in point: dysaniacs. As a disorder that makes getting out of bed a literal anxiety-inducing occasion as opposed to just a drag, dysania (also known as clinomania) can make it especially tough for sufferers to start their days every morning. But though the condition is a serious psychological problem and ought to be treated as such – i.e. if you think you suffer from dysania, your best bet is to speak with a medical professional for treatment – there are a few things that sufferers can try to use to alleviate the symptoms on their own.

Cure dysania with tricks like getting a good night's sleep, eating healthier, exercising, or giving yourself an incentive to get out of bed.

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