Having Trouble Sleeping? This Study Says You Should Do the Opposite of What You Think

Woman trying to sleep at night and looking at alarm clock.

There are plenty of things that might be keeping you from getting to sleep. Like maybe you’re stressed about a morning meeting you have tomorrow. Or maybe you can’t stop going over your week’s to-do list in your head. Or maybe your next door neighbor (still) has no concept of just how thin your apartment walls are.

Whatever it is that’s keeping you up at night, though, there’s one trick that might trump all others when it comes to trying to get some shuteye – and it’s not exactly what you might expect. While you’re first instinct might be to close your eyes and count backwards from 100 or throw on an eye mask while listening to wave sounds, the real secret to falling asleep faster may actually be keeping your eyes open. 

According to a recent study from the University of Glasgow, because sleep is essentially an “involuntary psychological process,” conscious efforts to try to regulate sleep – i.e. doing everything you can think of to force yourself to go to sleep when it’s just not happening – can actually work against you. Instead, you should avoid trying to control your sleep and go the opposite route: keep your eyes open, lie in bed, and relax. Ultimately, you’ll find that the less you try to get to bed, the more easily you will doze off at night.

Keeping your peepers wide open and still having trouble getting to bed? Sometimes even the best sleep tricks don’t make the cut, and it never hurts to have another secret sleep weapon on hand for when sleeplessness hits. That’s where reBloom comes in. The all-natural sleep drink is the perfect solution for nights when sleep doesn’t seem to be in the cards – eyes open or closed.

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