This Startup Wants Its Employees to Sleep on the Job

man sleeping at his desk and computer in the office.

No matter how late you stayed up last night (finally) binge-watching Big Little Lies, or how weak your “triple shot” espresso feels against your heavy eyelids (is there even caffeine in this drink? What’s happening?), falling asleep on the job is just not an option for coping with midday fatigue. Not, that is, unless you work at Casper, where middle-of-the-workday naps are not only allowed, but encouraged.

It’s no surprise that the mattress startup values good sleep. But the company happens to value it so much that they’ve included three full-size beds – complete with shoe cubbies and separating walls – in the design of their new two-story headquarters in New York’s Flatiron District. On the one hand, these beds are encouraged to serve as a space for chill, informal meetings between coworkers. On the other, it’s a place for employees to go when that mid-afternoon slump hits and they could use a quick, rejuvenating power nap. That’s right: Casper actually wants its employees to feel comfortable (literally) getting some shuteye while on the job. (This is so, so much better than nap pods. Just saying.)

Even while employees aren’t taking advantage of the in-house beds, the new office is entirely designed with the idea of serenity and relaxation in mind. This means a lot of blue hues – there’s lighter blue and exposed brick on the first floor, to represent morning, while the top floor has deeper hues of blue, to represent nighttime – and the soothing scent of orange blossom. And let’s not forget the grass terrace and lounge chairs at the penthouse level.

We can’t say for sure, but if we were to define “dream job,” it would probably be the kind of job where you could literally dream on the job. (And one with a grass terrace and lounge chairs at the penthouse level, too, obviously.)

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