The Problem with Prescription Sleeping Pills

When you’re up late at night and struggling to fall asleep, prescription sleeping pills may seem like the answer. It’s often touted to be an effective remedy to keep you snoozing regardless of how difficult it is for you to fall asleep. However, there can be a lot of downfalls to relying on prescription pills, especially since it isn’t an natural solution to your sleep troubles. From developing a tolerance to becoming prone to erratic behavior, here are some side effects of prescription sleeping pills that you should consider.

Sleeping pills lying on night table

  1. Developing a Tolerance

When you depend on sleeping pills, especially when you take them over a long period of time, your body requires a larger dose to have the same impact on your body. But this can be dangerous since this would mean that taking a high enough dose can ultimately cause you to suffer from depressed breathing while you sleep. In serious cases, this can cause death.

  1. Falling Down

Because sleeping pills focus on dulling your senses and making you drowsy, researchers have found individuals who take sleeping pills frequently fall down. It blunts your sensory system, so your body can’t register its center of gravity like normal.

  1. Health Complications

In a 2012 study published in BMJ Open, researchers found that people who took prescription sleeping pills were more likely get cancer or die within a two-and-a-half-year timespan than those who did not take them, with the risk of death rising along with increases in medication dosage. The results of the study also suggested that natural remedies would help as an alternative to sleeping pills.

  1. Sleepwalking

Prescription sleeping pills, especially benzodiazepines, have been known to cause side effects like sleepwalking. Even newer sleep aids like Ambien have been reported to cause such side effects. This means that your body is artificially asleep when on sleeping pills, and isn’t actually getting the deep, refreshing quality of sleep that it needs. Not only does this leave you feeling tired when you wake up, but it is also a short term solution to your sleep problems, at best.


While sleeping pills may seem like an easy remedy for your sleep problems, it really has more side effects than meets the eye. Skip the harmful stopgap and try  reBloom for an all-natural remedy to your sleep woes that’s sure to give you a good night’s sleep on the daily (err, nightly). 

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