The Ideal Temperature for Your Bedroom

Setting a temperature in your bedroom can be quite the tricky proposition. Some people like it a little warmer, some people a little colder. Like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, most people have that just right temperature that helps them drift away to sleep. Yet even people’s preconceptions about their room temperature might actually be holding them back from getting a great night’s sleep. Research suggests that there is a sweet spot of temperature that can not only help you fall asleep faster, but also stay asleep longer.



Just like any device that we use all day, your body needs to power down before it can reach the deep levels of sleep that allow your body to feel rested and refreshed upon waking up. In order to reach that level, your body needs to lower its core temperature by 2-3 degrees Fahrenheit. While the brain, as one of the body’s chief sources of heat, can initiate the process of cooling down before sleep, ambient room temperature can also be incredibly helpful. Additionally, because most people spend their days in climate-controlled environments, lowering the temperature in your bedroom before sleep can be even more important, because the brain can’t respond to triggers in climate as well it did for our ancestors.




So what is the best temperature for your room? Research suggests that you should aim to set your thermostat to around 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending on your love for heavy sheets on comforters, you might even want to think about setting it a bit lower. Getting cozy doesn’t have to mean getting warm. Try wearing light, breathable clothing that won’t make you hot. Couples that have trouble sleeping due to temperature differences should look into having two different sets of bedding, or investing in a mattress that allows users to control the temperatures of their specific sleep zones.

After looking at the research, it’s safe to say that normal room temperate, usually 70-73 degrees, isn’t the right temperature for the bedroom. Help yourself out by lowering that thermostat and making sure that your body is set up to power down and go right to sleep. Paying attention to your body’s temperature is one way to maximize your time asleep.



P.S. Looking for another trick to help lower your body’s temperature before sleep? Try adding a hot bath to your nightly routine. A study done at Loughborough University in England found that a hot bath before bed speeds up your body’s cool down process. The hot water supercharges your body’s cool down mechanism, pushing you closer to a great night’s sleep.


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