The Good News: Organic Produce Donations to End Hunger, and Some Sweet Kindergarten Bachata

Box of lemons from an organic farmer.

Mondays can be rough. But to help you start your day (and week) off on the best possible note, we’ve rounded up some of the most positive, inspirational, or just downright sweet stories from around the web. Here, you’re feel-good news roundup to kick off your morning.

  • These parents’ autistic son got upset about their local Blockbuster closing, so they built him his own. (Can you say parents of the year?) [Today]
  • An organic farmer in New York is giving away thousands of pounds of produce each year to organizations fighting to end hunger. [The Observer]
  • A Cape Verde construction worker is cleaning up trash on the beach – and using it to make his own gym. [Great Big Story]
  • After thinking she couldn’t go to college because of her finances, a Boston high school student was surprised with a full tuition to Regis. (Grab tissues.) [Boston Globe]
  • An 81-year-old woman and a wild stag in Norway are the unlikeliest – and possibly the sweetest? – best friends ever. [Inside Edition]
  • A bride with alopecia sent a powerful message when she decided to walk down the aisle bald. [Refinery29]
  • A WestJet flight attendant helped soothe a couple’s crying baby on an Alberta-bound flight, and it’s kind of the sweetest thing. [ABC News]
  • Essential viewing: this kindergarten teacher’s students dancing – ahem, perfecting – bachata is absolutely priceless. [Huffington Post]

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