The Good News: Miniature Therapy Horses, Surprise Wedding Dance, and Pie


Mondays can be rough. But to help you start your day (and week) off on the best possible note, we’ve rounded up some of the most positive, inspirational, or just downright sweet stories from around the web. Here, you’re feel-good news roundup to kick off your morning.

  • Miniature horses – ahem, miniature therapy horses – are helping ease anxious travelers’ worries Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. [USA Today]
  • New York City just got its first girl scout troop dedicated solely to homeless scouts. [New York Times]
  • After losing his wife, this 98-year-old man is turning to baking as a way to give back to the community (think lots and lots of pie). [Today]
  • A waitress in Hawaii got a $200 tip from some strangers, who then paid off her student loans, too. [CBS News]
  • Undergrads at George Mason University surprised a this 10-year-old violinist with a prosthetic arm. [MSN]
  • A community in Nebraska organized a wedding and graduation ceremony in the hospital for the children of a doctor dying of colon cancer. [Daily Mail]
  • This paralyzed groom surprised his wife with a dance on their wedding day. [Today]
  • These former high school sweethearts just reconnected after 64 years apart – and got married. [Yahoo]

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