Simple Interior Design Hacks for Better Sleep

Interior design is all about creating a space you love, since home is where the heart is. Along those lines, your bedroom should be a refuge to help you get the best night’s sleep. Unsurprisingly, better sleep is correlated with higher energy levels and increased productivity—specifically because your body is getting the rest it needs. Research has shown that the average adult needs 8-10 hours a day, so taking steps to transform your bedroom to a place you can live and snooze in is crucial. Drawing from feng shui techniques and common sense decorating tips, here are the best ways to change up the design of your bedroom and “hack” your sleep routine.

Man in dark room opens curtains on window to the morning light

Install Blackout Curtains

For the body to adequately function and enter a deep sleep, there needs to be as little light exposure as possible. A cool, dark room is preferable for you to feel the most refreshed in the morning so try minimizing light with blackout curtains over your windows. It’ll be dim enough for you fall asleep but easy enough to wake up and open the drapes for sun.

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Get Storage Bins

A foundational principle of feng shui is to ensure your room is as clean as possible, so no bad energy like clutter can weigh down the space. Our solution is storage bins, which can collect all your necessities in one place where you can store it safely away. Not only will this soothe your eyesight, but it will also make finding items so much easier.

Golden mirror

Remove Mirrors

If you find yourself suffering from restless sleep, try covering up mirrors in the room when you’re getting ready for bed. Supposedly, mirrors in feng shui belief serve as reflectors and bounce vital Chi energy back out of the interior space. This means energy levels are highly volatile, causing major disruptions in your states of waking and restlessness.

Black bed in a white room

Make Your Bed

There are two types of people in the world: those who make their bed and those who don’t. Turns out that messy sheets could be the main reason why you can’t sleep—especially since it’s another form of clutter. Over time as feng shui dictates, your spirit ends up being drained and exhausted, instead of being recharged. In fact, a recent study found that people who made their beds were 20% more likely to get a better night’s sleep than those who didn’t. So, lesson learned: it’s time to make your bed.

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Add Healing Crystals

According to the philosophy of feng shui, healing crystals are reputed to calm energy levels and absorb negativity. Pick stones like amethyst, smoky quartz and sodalite to place on your nightstand to exude dream-inducing vibes. We guarantee you’ll be feeling sleepy in no time!

Whether you incorporate one or all of these feng shui tips, these interior design hacks can help put you on the right path to better sleep. With a good night’s rest, your body has time to recover from your workout and any health-related stress. It’s important to think about how the way you sleep is impacting your lifestyle—because after all, small changes in your space can make the biggest difference.


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