Start a Dream Journal with These 5 Easy Steps

Without a doubt, dreaming is one of the best parts of sleep. Nodding off and being rewarded with an adventure in your own mind is something that many people look forward to as a part of sleep. Oftentimes, people even report that they have great ideas that occur to them during dreams, or that they think of a solution in a dream to a problem that has been vexing them all day. The problem is, it’s pretty difficult to act on these thoughts when you’re either asleep or wake up momentarily in the middle of the night. Unfortunately, our memories are often lost shortly after we wake up, or even right after we dream them. One solution to this problem is to keep a dream journal. A dream journal lets you reach into your subconscious and record all the thoughts and feelings you have while you’re asleep. It’s a great way to make a restful night’s sleep even more productive! Here are five steps to help you start a dream journal tonight.

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1. Place a journal and pen next to your bed

Get ready to sleep by preparing to journal. The journal needs to be immediately accessible, in case you wake up in the middle of the night. Make sure you can journal straight from bed, as even small actions in the morning can make the memories of your dreams fade away.

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2. Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up

Think about how quickly you forget what you dreamt of the night before. Try to capture your thoughts in a free flowing manner, as soon as you wake up. Focus not on structure or narrative but more on the main ideas that shaped your dreams. Don’t get caught up in writing for hours, but do try and write down your feelings and any major events in your dreams.

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3. Understand that you won’t be able to record everything.

Its extremely difficult to remember absolutely everything you dream at night. Sometimes dreams just disappear and we have no way of capturing. Don’t be upset if you wake up and can’t remember anything in the morning. Just try and write down what you can each and every day. Make sure keeping a dream journal turns into a habit.

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4. Draw threads and trends between your dreams

Start looking for common elements in your dreams each night. Maybe the same person or thought keeps popping up? Perhaps you always go to the same place in your dreams. Regardless of what it is, try and find commonalities to help you understand why you might be dreaming about certain things.

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5. Start using your dreams to help shape your day

The content of our dreams is heavily influenced by what is going on in our lives. Eventually you will be able to see exactly how your life is influencing your sleep. This will allow you to make specific changes in your life to help you sleep better.


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