This is the Piece of Clothing That Will Help You Sleep Better

Girl putting socks on

You may have heard by now that there are actually a surprising amount of health benefits associated with sleeping naked, but science suggests that there may be one item of clothing you should add to the equation. Wearing socks to bed has been proven to help you fall asleep faster, so slip on some fuzzy ones and don’t be afraid to heat up your feet. Who knew the sleep solution we’ve been looking for would be as simple as making a pair of socks part of your bedtime uniform?

If you’re wondering how in the world wearing socks could possibly help you fall asleep, here’s the scientific evidence: Swiss researchers found out that our bodies redistribute heat from our cores to our hands and feet right before we fall asleep. What does this have to do with socks? Wearing them will warm your feet, open up those blood vessels, and improve circulation, which will let your body know that it’s time to switch into sleep mode and catch some zzz’s.

On the flip side, cold feet inhibit the free flow of blood and slow the release of sleep hormones, which is what causes you to toss and turn in bed all night.

Basically, it’s time to splurge on a nice pair of soft cashmere socks. Make sure they’re not too tight, and definitely stay away from compression socks – your circulation will naturally be improved by the warmth your normal socks provide. Sleeping in socks can also prevent hot flashes and improve cracked heels (if you wear them after you moisturize).

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