Science Says Doing This Before Bed Will Help You Fall Asleep Faster

Woman sleeping in her bed with book and flower next to her.

It’s been a long day and you can’t wait to finally get to bed for the night. But as tired as you’ve been all day (you weren’t sleeping during that morning meeting, just closing your eyes for a minute…), once you finally slip under the covers and rest your head on your pillow, it happens – stress about all the things that you didn’t get done today and will have to tackle tomorrow start running through your head. Just like that, your hopes of getting to sleep feel, well, hopeless. But science might have the fix.

According to a new study in the Journal of Experimental Psychologywriting out your to-do list before bed might actually help you sleep better. As a part of the study, researchers had a group of people either write down a list of things that they needed to get done over the next few days or a list of things that they’d already finished. What resulted was that the portion of the group that wrote out their to-do list before going to bed ended up getting to sleep about nine minutes (on average) faster than the other half of the group. Moreover, those who were more thorough with their to-do list – adding in extra details about what they need to get done or the steps involved with the process, for example – actually got to sleep 15 minutes faster than the rest of the group.

The results of the study confirm the fact that spending the time before bed writing down all the things you need to get done later as opposed to journaling about what you’ve already accomplished can ultimately help you improve your sleep. This is likely because, by writing down everything you need to finish, you allow your mind to stop stressing too much about everything you need to tackle over the next few days. And the less time your mind spends going over your must-finish tasks in your head, the more time it can spend winding down for a good night’s rest.

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