This Science-Backed Tip Will Help You Sleep Better Tonight


Everybody has had those nights where, even after the longest and most tiring of days, you slide into bed and just can’t seem to doze off. But if the usual sleep tricks (commence sheep counting) don’t seem to be helping you drift into a sound sleep as quickly as you’d like, we’ve got good news: science just pinpointed a new (and super, super simple) way to get yourself to bed with total ease every night.

According to a recent study published by Indoor Air: International Journal of Indoor Environment and Health, the secret to a good night of sleep could be as simple as leaving your door or window open at night. The study, which looked at a group of healthy adults over the course of five nights, found that people who sleep with their windows or doors slightly ajar actually experienced better quality sleep than those who sleep with them closed.

The two big reasons that this works are that the open door or window help facilitate better ventilation – which naturally helps you get to sleep better –  and help regulate the temperature of your bedroom and keep it around a healthy 65-68 degree Fahrenheit range that most sleep experts recommend for quality sleep.

In addition to keeping your window or door slightly open, you can make sure that you achieve your best sleep night after night by sipping on some reBloom before bed. The natural sleep drink helps you drift off and stay asleep through the night, so you’re always waking up feeling refreshed.

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