Prioritize Your Sleep While Traveling With These 3 Airlines

JetBlue's Mint Experience
JetBlue’s Mint Experience

Falling asleep in a comfortable position on a plane might be one of the most difficult sleep situations out there. If you’re still searching for that ever-elusive good night’s sleep on a flight, look no further! These are a few airlines that make our lives (and sleep!) a little easier.

JetBlue prides itself on its premium Mint Experience, which ensures that passengers arrive at their destination in “mint” condition. The airline boasts seats that are able to lie flat, with some of these flatbed seats available as suites with doors so you can sleep in total privacy. Seats also have massage functions and adjustable cushions––you might not even feel like you’re sleeping on a plane at all. Additionally, JetBlue’s partnership with Birchbox means that Mint Experience passengers have access to Birchbox amenities, making sure that you’ll feel as relaxed as possible while dozing off. With the Core Experience, passengers have the option to choose an Even More Space seat, allowing you to stretch out and relax with up to 38” of legroom. JetBlue also gives out complimentary Snooze Kits equipped with eyeshades and earplugs.

Inside a Virgin Atlantic Airplane
Inside a Virgin Atlantic Airplane

Virgin Atlantic is another airline that knows how to do sleep right. Its Upper Class seats are arranged in its signature herringbone-style, which means that it allows for a high level of privacy and everyone has access to the aisle––say goodbye to awkwardly climbing over a stranger’s lap to get to the restroom!

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class
Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

The airline boasts “seats that think they’re beds,” folding out into 6.5 foot flatbeds. Virgin Atlantic’s aircrafts also include storage ottomans so that you can store your carry-on bags while making the most out of the maximum legroom. With a full-size pillow, duvet, fleece blanket, and on some flights, even pajamas, what more can you ask for? Also, in economy class, passengers can opt for three extra inches of legroom, ensuring that no matter which cabin you’re in, sleep is right around the corner.

Air France Business Class
Air France Business Class

Air France also provides a truly relaxing sleep experience. Seats in all of its cabins have technology that molds to the shape of your body and fully retractable armrests, ensuring a comfortable trip that is optimal for some quality shut-eye. Its business class seats fold out flat to a length of 6.5 feet and are referred to as “cocoons” because their shell design is optimal for preserving personal space and privacy for sleep. The airline also provides hypoallergenic feather pillows, duvets, noise-canceling headphones, and Clarins skin treatments included in their comfort and well-being kits to help with your beauty sleep.

So the next time you’re jetting off for business or leisure, check out these airlines that don’t compromise on your ability to get some good quality rest on a long-haul flight. It’s not always easy but it’s definitely possible!

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  1. With the new lie-flat seats in Business Class, I feel like flying actually got enjoyable lately. There’s nothing better than a bed on a long-haul flight 🙂

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