Pamper Your Pooch at One of These Swanky Dog Hotels

As the saying goes, “a dog is a man’s best friend,” so naturally certain pet owners accordingly want to treat their pooch with the utmost luxury. Forget the regular dog bed from Petco; here are some of the fanciest dog hotels for you to send your pup to for a bit of pampering.

Whiskers Resort & Pet Spa

Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa, Michigan

In Grand Rapids, Michigan, Whiskers Resort and Pet Spa runs for $55 per night with room service and a private 110-square-foot room for your dog. For room service, puppies can choose from peanut butter sandwiches, pot roast, “pupsicles,” and “yappy hour drinks.” There’s even aromatherapy and fur conditioning treatments offered to any pets who want the luxe experience.

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

Paradise Ranch Pet Resort, Los Angeles

If you want to give your dog a resort-like atmosphere, look no further than Paradise Ranch Pet Resort in Los Angeles. Unlike other luxury pet hotels, the whole resort is complete with a water park and straw cabanas. For $69 a night, dogs sleep together in the cabanas with their friends, equipped with webcams so any worried pet owner can check in on their pampered pooch.


Best Friends Walt Disney World

Best Friends Pet Care, Florida

Best Friends Pet Care is located in Disney World, where dogs can get the royal treatment for $89 a night. The hotel offers indoor suites with access to an outdoor patio and a flatscreen TV. Pet owners willing to spend extra can even book the VIP Luxury Suite, which boasts a private play yard, personal concierge and complimentary bath before checkout.

Spa Paws Hotel

Spa Paws Hotel, Texas

Spa Paws Hotel calls itself “the lap of luxury” – and the resort certainly delivers at $200 a night. This Fort Worth, Texas hotel uses holistic techniques to pamper furry friends with 24-hour, round-the-clock care. There’s filtered air, custom bedding, and nightly tuck-ins offered for any discerning puppy. Spa Paws even gives your dog the choice to order filet mignon for dinner or go glam with a professional photoshoot.


From spas to catered room service, these resorts have it all to make sure your dog has the best night’s sleep. And to make sure you’re resting as easily as your pup, try sipping some reBloom before hitting the hay!

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