Mercury in Retrograde: What That Means for Your Sleep

planet mercury in the galaxy

From August 30th, 2016 through September 22nd, 2016 the planet Mercury is in retrograde. Mercury in retrograde means that the planet appears to be slowing down, stopping its rotation, and revolving backwards. This optical illusion happens about three to four times a year.

In astrology, Mercury in retrograde means so much more than the planet reverting its ways – it is also a very negative and dreaded time. When retrograde takes place, the message that Mercury delivers to the signs gets lost in translation. During this time, delays appear more frequent, and forming alliances or creating large plans of any sort is strongly urged against. However, each retrograde is shaped by a different zodiac sign, or sometimes two signs, depending on the time that it falls. The zodiac, in turn, influences how the message that Mercury sends out affects everyone.

Girl sleeping and dreaming in the dark
During the time of retrograde, the past comes back for review, and there is more to learn and grow from than what meets the eye. It is a time to catch up on yourself and reflect what has been transpiring in your life. People, or perhaps reoccurring ideas, may make their way back into your life; don’t push them aside though – they could benefit you, even when you may think they could cause harm. These lapses of time that occur while Mercury is in retrograde are known to put you in a destined place for a reason, and there is a particular motive as to why certain events happen to you during retrograde.

Could Mercury’s retrograde affect your sleep patterns, though? Reports have shown that it is prevalent to have interesting dreams, sleep walk, and even experience heightened sleep deprivation during a retrograde. “False awakenings” have been expressed, when one is sleeping but their dreams are completely realistic and it seems as though the cross between dreaming and being conscious is blurred. It is strongly recommended that if you find yourself wary and needing a little extra shut eye, you should take a few moments and catch up on those zzz’s.

The next time Mercury will be in retrograde will be December 19th, through the New Year till the 8th of January. So as this retrograde begins to come to a close, you will have almost three months to recuperate, learn what the last retrograde brought upon you, and prepare for the next.


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