Make Any Living Space More Relaxing with These Easy Tips

Life’s got enough stressful situations to put you on edge, so going home at the end of a long day should never be one of them. Your home should be a sanctuary where you can forget all your worries and stress, and one way to make sure that it remains just that is to keep the goal in mind when it comes time to decorate. If your home doesn’t quite give you that peaceful, calming feeling it should, try changing you’re décor up a bit to maximize your the positive vibes in your space. Get started with these simple tips.

Eliminate Clutter

Minimizing clutter isn’t just about making sure your house is clean, although that definitely helps. For a calming space, less is always more, so un-clutter your furniture. If your room is feeing crowded, think about a few things you could get rid of or rearrange. And whenever you can, look for ways to maximize the space that you have, like by opting for hanging mirrors, shelves and mounted tv’s that can end up saving you quite a bit of prime floor space.

Pay Attention to Colors

When creating a relaxing space, it’s always best to tone down the colors you use. Use soft, light tones to give any room a more tranquil feel. In other words, don’t paint your wall any shade of red, no matter how good you think it will look before hand. And if you’re worried that your soft color palette might turn out boring and plain, try mixing in a little pattern now and then to spice things up (and to compensate for that red wall you had to give up in the name of relaxation).

Cater to Your Sense of Smell

One thing that can make a room feel really comfortable is adding a soothing scent. Use incense or candles to come home to a fresh-smelling paradise. Candles are also great for setting a calming mood in a room, but sometimes the scents can be overwhelming so try to stick to relaxing smells, like lavender, rose and vanilla.

Distance Yourself from Electronics

If your most relaxing space is your bedroom, it’s best to make it an electronics-free zone. It’s much easier to get to achieve a calm space without the stimulation of a smartphone or tv. If you’re thinking you like watching movies in bed too much to live without a tv in there, compromise a little and put it somewhere that you can hide it when you need time to relax, like a cabinet.

Go Green

Plants or flowers will brighten up a room instantly and give it a more natural feel. They’ll also give the air a fresh scent. Adding a few potted plants will result in instant zen, and don’t worry, there are tons of plants that don’t require too much attention  if gardening isn’t your thing. And if gardening really isn’t your thing and you’re completely against bringing any type of plant into your space, get a fish. The fish bowl is almost like a statement piece, and watching the little guy swim around can be pretty relaxing.

Let the (Natural) Light In

Lighting can make or break the feel of any space, and just sitting in a dark room with the light on is hardly what you want to achieve a totally calming atmosphere. Instead, stick to natural light as often as you can, and when you do have to go artificial, opt for soft lighting. Use light curtains to bathe your room in sunlight and you’ll even find your mornings getting a little bit easier since the light will help boost your mood in the a.m.

Get Some Cozy Accent Pieces

Stick the the soft theme: soft colors, soft lights, and soft blankets. Nothing is better than coming home after a long day and wrapping yourself in a soft, cozy blanket and sinking into a sea of soft, cushy pillows. The key to making a space relaxing is making it comfortable, so stick to the basics and just buy yourself a nice throw blanket or an extravagantly fluffy rug and get your snuggle on.

Surround Yourself with Positivity

These tips are pretty much one size fits all, but not everyone is exactly the same, so make sure you add a personal touch to your space. Surround yourself with things that make you happy. It could be a piece of art you love to look at, a shelf full of your favorite books, a souvenir you got on a great vacation, or just a few framed pictures of your closest family and friends. Whatever it is, if you personalize your space so that everything around you puts you in a good mood, relaxation will come easily.




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