Instantly Take Your Bedroom for Bleak to Chic

If it was up to us, we’d spend all day in our bedrooms (by which we obviously mean beds). But since that’s not something we see feasibly happening anytime soon, we’re all about making sure that whatever time we do get to spend in our favorite room in the house feels like the luxury it truly is. And while the thought of vamping up your boudoir to add some stylish flair might sound like a bigger project than you (or your wallet) are ready to take on, the truth is that a few simple upgrades and decor pieces can take your bedroom from drab to fab faster than you can say “sweet dreams.” Best of all, they can do it without breaking the bank.

Quality Bedding

A dream bedroom starts with dream bedding, which serves the dual function of defining the tone of your room’s style and how comfortably you sleep.


Companies like Crane and Canopy — which offers luxury bedding that’s made with high-quality (and ethically sourced) extra-long staple cotton and is known for its chic designs and attention to detail — make it easy to find bedroom basics that look and feel like anything but.

Throw Pillows

Throwing a few statement pillows onto your bed is a super simple way to add a decorative touch to your bedroom. Not to mention, it’s a nice bit of motivation to make your bed every morning, if we do say so ourselves.

Go for bright hues and patterns to add a pop of color to an otherwise minimalistic, monochromatic room, or opt for pillows that speak to your mood, literally.


Getting a bit of artwork onto the walls of your bedroom can add a stylistic touch to your bedroom while totally transforming the mood. Your options are pretty endless when it comes to sprucing up your walls with images, from large, abstract paintings to small prints that you can arrange in a grid or randomized layout.

For a personal touch, skip the generic paintings and prints and go for photos of friends and family, which you can jazz up with some editing (printing your photos in grayscale makes for an elegant aesthetic) and some stylish frames and wall placement.


Putting a plant in your bedroom might seem counterintuitive — this is a space where you want to relax, and doesn’t a plant just take more work? — but easy-to-care for varieties like aloe and cacti add a dose of fresh, bright color to the room.

Plus, having a plant around makes for cleaner air, and gives off a lush vibe, making your bedroom feel even more like a tranquil oasis.


Having a few scented candles around your room not only helps you relax, but the subtle fragrance and glow also make for an especially luxurious ambiance.

Picture frame and candle lamp on a table in a contemporary room

Beyond the aroma, you can look for candles that look as lovely as they smell — we’re pretty crazy about Diptyque’s elegant-looking floral favorites collection — so that having a few around your room really is as much about adding decorative accents as it is about delighting your senses.

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