How Working Out and Doing Yoga Makes You Better at Your Job

Woman stretching and doing yoga while leaning on stairway bannister

If you’re having a lapse in productivity, or just generally don’t feel satisfied at work, you may want to ask yourself, “When was the last time I worked out?” That’s right – believe it or not, exercise has a hugely positive impact on job performance, and yoga especially. Here are a few reasons why yoga and regular exercise might make you better at your job.

They’re Huge Stress Relievers

Exercise spurs the production of endorphins (a.k.a. the “feel good” hormones) in your body, which is why most people feel fantastic after a workout. Yoga does this tenfold due to the fact that it’s a heart-pumping, full body workout with tenets that emphasize  meditation and mindfulness. Studies indicate that in addition to being a mood booster, yoga significantly reduces stress and anxiety. Is it a stretch to presume that people who practice yoga or who, generally speaking, exercise regularly have less of a tendency to experience work-related stress? Of course not. And since stress negatively impacts job performance and productivity, the next time you’re feeling such, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to opt for an invigorating workout or to try perfecting your downward dog.

They Improve Your Memory and Focus

Do you frequently have trouble focusing on your work or remembering important dates and names? What you may not know is that consistent exercise can have a significant impact on your memory. A full body workout, in addition to improving circulation, mood, and promoting weight loss, also exercises your memory circuits so they work for you. Yoga is especially helpful in improving memory retention because in addition to giving you a comprehensive workout, its emphasis on chanting and visualizations can potentially bolster verbal and physical dexterity through repetition, and it can significantly improve your attention span. You can, in effect, train your brain like you would any other muscle in your body.

Girl running outside on the bleachers.

They Push You to Accomplish Your Professional Goals

What did it feel like the first time you achieved a major fitness goal? Whether it was dead lifting 150 lbs or losing ten, it’s likely that you felt on top of the world after reaching that milestone. Pursuing – and ultimately achieving – a fitness goal, in addition to being a major confidence booster, will also give you the confidence to pursue goals that extend beyond your fitness. You’ll start banishing self-doubt and start believing that nothing is out of reach – and nothing is.

They Inspire Self-Confidence

Once you start believing that nothing is out of reach, your self-confidence will soar to heights you never imagined. Amid reducing your stress, anxiety, and risk for other emotional disorders, your increased mindfulness (should you decide to do yoga or implement a routine workout) will lead to a better sense of self and overall emotional health. You may feel more comfortable taking the lead on that big project at work, or making a judgement call you never thought you could. Keep practicing your camel pose, and keep your head held high!

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