How to Fight Mid-Afternoon Fatigue

There comes a time in everyone’s day where staying awake proves really challenging. Whether work is dulling us to sleep, or running errands proves overly tedious, sometimes all we want is a nap. These problems can be compounded if you aren’t getting as much sleep as your body needs to be alert and productive. Unfortunately, we all lead busy lives and might not have the time to check out in the middle of the day. In the likely case that you occasionally hit that afternoon slump, here are five ways to stave off your tiredness and continue being productive throughout the day.

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1. Get Active

Being active gives us more energy. It gets the blood moving and charges our body’s and mind’s. Try working out in the morning to give yourself more energy throughout the day. If you’re pressed for time, take a 5-10 minute walk outside in the early afternoon, to kick-start your body’s energy production. This can be especially helpful if you work in a spot without a lot of natural sunlight, as a walk outside reminds your body that its daytime and can help you stave of sleepiness.

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2. Listen to Music

Upbeat music can help you stay awake if you start feeling listless and tired. Make sure you listen to music with a fast beat, as slower music might have the opposite effect. And hey, if you start dancing or singing along, that will probably help you stay awake as well!

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3. Chew Some Gum

Try some sugar-free mint gum to give you a mid-day jolt and help you stay awake. Mint is a refreshing flavor that can provide provide a burst of flavor that staves off sleepiness. Chewing can also help wake you up, as the activity of chewing forces your brain to focus on an activity and stay awake.

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4. Write Something by Hand

Writing something down by hand helps our brain refocus and stay awake. Take the time to write a thank you note, or write down a list of stuff you need to get done. Activating your brain and hand muscles simultaneously will let you focus on something on something other than how tired you are.

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5. Get Some Sleep

There is no better way to get rid of that midday urge to nap than getting a good night’s sleep. There really is no true substitute to getting a full night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle your day. reBloom can help you get the sleep you need, so that you’ll have no problem staying awake and staying on top of everything you need to get done during the day.



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