How to Bounce Back from a Hectic Holiday Season

The holidays take a lot out of you. From traveling to wacky schedules to all that food and drinking, what should be a fun and relaxing time spent with loved ones more often becomes a whirlwind of stress and fatigue. Here are some tips on how to bounce back after the holidays!

Man cleaning table in home with cloth

Clean your house.

Are you the designated party thrower in your family? Or do you go all out when it comes to holiday decorations? A cluttered house from the holidays could be the cause of your cluttered mind. After the holidays are over, you need a clean and fresh start to the New Year and that starts with a clean and organized home! Whether it is boxing up those holiday lights or deep cleaning after a massive party, it’s best to tackle post-holiday mess and clutter as soon as possible after the holidays to make sure that you get out in front of it.

Asian woman sleeping on bed

Regulate your sleep schedule.

Those late nights out with friends you haven’t seen in awhile and early morning outings with the family are probably getting to you, right? Your sleep schedule is most likely all over the place, especially if you squeezed in some post-feasting naps along the way. Try to get back into the swing of things by getting into bed at a decent time at night, without any distractions, and getting an early start to your day. And by cutting out those naps that usually aren’t in your daily routine, you’ll be back on a normal sleep schedule in no time.

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Get back to your normal routine.

Getting back into your usual routine means no sleeping in, no more excessive indulging, and unfortunately, no more days wasted away in bed watching Netflix. Instead, as you work on regulating your sleep schedule, also So while regulating your sleep schedule, try to think about getting back to your normal workout or cleaning schedule. Plus, going back to a normal schedule can reduce any stress or anxiety that you may have about the New Year.

Get some sunlight.

During the wintertime, your body is lacking in Vitamin D. Unfortunately, spending time outside in the snow isn’t as enthralling for some of us as heading outdoors during the summer. Nevertheless, it’s good to try to get out as often as you can to help get your body that nutrients that it needs. For starters, sunlight is beneficial to your bones because Vitamin D helps you absorb calcium, and sunshine also increases your levels of serotonin, which can help you kick any post-holiday blues.

Start eating healthy.

Let’s be honest here – one of the best parts of the holidays are the foods that come with them, from feasts to seasonal beverages to loads of sweets. But the eating habits that we tend to adopt around the holidays are definitely not ones that we should keep year round. By fueling your body with the right food and plenty of water, you’ll be able to start off the new year with a renewed sense of energy that will feel super refreshing, especially if the holidays generally leave you sluggish.

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