Holiday Gifts for Literally Everybody on Your List – Part 1

Stumped for what to get everyone on your holiday shopping list this year? We’ve got you covered with the ultimate gift guide for absolutely anyone and everyone. So check out this list (maybe check it twice), and find out what it’s like to breeze through your holiday shopping.


The Shopaholic

shopaholic balloon piggy bank

Get: Interior Illusions Balloon Dog Bank, $18

For those on your list who don’t seem to know the difference between the occasional splurge and everyday spending (guilty), the perfect gift might be one that helps encourage putting a little something aside every now and then for a rainy day.



The Chef


Get: Gourmet Sea Salt Co. Salts of the World Collection, $35

Any culinary master knows the power of some of the simplest of ingredients, with salt serving as the perfect case and point. Give the chef on your list the perfect addition to what is probably an already impressive arsenal of ingredients with this collection of salts from around the world.



The Baker


Get: Bobbette & Belle: Classic Recipes from the Celebrated Pastry Shop, $18

Cooking and baking are two totally different beasts. If someone on your list is a lot more about the latter than they are the former, indulge their sweet passion with a collection of recipes that are equal parts yummy and pretty. (We expect nothing less from the confectionary geniuses behind Canada’s famous Bobbette & Belle pastry shop!)


The College Student


Get: MoMA Ramen Fork + Spoon, $29

If there’s anything that is emblematic of the quintessential college experience, that would be Ramen. Even if you can’t quite upgrade every meal for the student on your list, you can at least upgrade how they enjoy a cost- and time-efficient bowl of noodles with some made-for-Ramen silverware.



The Cat Lover


Get: Spinning Daisy Cut Out Cat Ear Ring, $11

For cat lovers, it’s never really enough just to have a cat. Rather, there’s always something about having a host of items – pajamas, phone covers, headphones, notebooks, literally anything – to commemorate that love. Enter this dainty cat ring. With a super minimalistic look and chic gold finish, this piece of jewelry is sure to top any cat lover’s list of favorite things this year.


The Fashionista


Get: Mango Bucket Bag, $40

It seems counterintuitive to give girls with closets that are already bursting at the seams yet more clothes, bags, shoes, or accessories to make room for. But as any fashion fan can attest, when it comes to outfit components, even too much is never quite enough – and a chic, neutral bucket bag will easily be a welcome addition.



The Crafter


Get: ImpressArt Bridgette Metal Stamping Kit, $75

No matter what kind of DIY endeavors the crafter on your list is a fan of, they’re sure to enjoy the chance to customize just about any project – from scrapbooks to handmade stationary – with a simple stamping kit.


The Coffee Addict


Get: Bodum Eileen 8-Cup French Press, $40

Everybody can use a cup of coffee for a quick jolt from time to time, but there are those for whom coffee is not so much an occasional boost as it is a constant energizer. Make sure that the coffee lover in your life is never too far from a mighty decent brew with a chic French press.


The Pizza Fiend


Get: CuiZen Pizza Box Oven, $46

Occasional (okay, frequent) pizza nights are nothing to be ashamed of in the midst of a busy schedule – especially when the pizzas in question are prepared at home in a nifty oven that looks an awful lot like the boxes that tend to pile up around the kitchen from time to time (okay, again, frequently).


The “Nerd”


Get: Star Wars Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board, $33


Even if the Star Wars fanatic in your life isn’t particularly crazy about being in the kitchen, this Millennium Falcon cutting board will be a welcome and unexpected addition to an ever-growing collection of novelty knick knacks. (And may even change the feelings around the whole kitchen thing.)


The Bookworm


Get: Old Books Book Lovers’ Soy Candle, $18

Any true book lover understands what it’s like to walk into an antique bookshop and get hit by the scent of decades-old (sometimes centuries-old) books. Give the gift of that experience with a candle that replicates the smell of first editions right at home.


The Decorator


Get: Brass Geo Terrarium, $46

For the person on your list who is the happiest and the proudest when they’re sprucing up their home with lovely accents and statement furniture pieces, why not opt for something to add to the décor mix. A brass terrarium with a sleek angular look is a lovely option that we guarantee is sure to please.


The Gardener


Get: Vesta Kitchen Copper-Plated Kitchen Compost Bin, $28

No matter what a gardener’s crop of choice is, most people with a green thumb are always willing to dabble in more when it comes to nature. Give the gardener in your life the perfect project to tackle with an easy at-home composting kit. (Don’t worry – this bin’s got odor guards.)


The Traveler


Get: Luckies of London Corkboard Adhesive Map, $35

Any avid traveler always likes taking a little trip down memory lane from time to time. Make said voyage a little easier with a clever “map of the world” corkboard where travelers can use colorful pins to mark parts of the world they’ve been to and to post photos and memorabilia from each destination.


The Social Butterfly


Get: Rifle Paper Co. Desktop Weekly Planner, $13

Everybody knows that person who always seems to be overbooked, with a work and social calendar that is all but overflowing. Help that person in your life keep things in order with a handy desk planner that is as cute as it is functional.

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