Holiday Gift Guide for Literally Everybody on Your List (Part 2)

Browsed our holiday gift guide number one and still at a loss for where the people on your list fit into the mix? Don’t shout, don’t cry – part two has got your back with some more of the perfect gifts for the tough-to-shop-for people in your life. Peep this list for some more ideas that are sure to have you ticking off shopping to-dos like it’s your job.


The Aspiring Photographer

ollo-clip-lensGet: Ollo Clip Macro Pro iPhone Lens, $70

Anybody who has an interest in photography but isn’t quite at the point where you’re looking to equip them with a Canon Mark III will love getting to fiddle around with a hi-tech clip-on lens for their iPhone. This gadget allows for even more creativity and experimentation, which are the key ingredients to honing skills in photography – and working up to those fancy cameras for next year.



The Gamer

gaming-headsetGet: SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset, $80

As far as gaming headsets go, it doesn’t get much more comfortable than this pick from SteelSeries, which is made from materials that are inspired by athletic wear. Plus, the sound – both in terms of the mic and the actual earphones – happens to have killer clarity, a feature that comes in handy just as much when you’re in multi-player mode as it does when this headset is doubling  as your everyday headphones.


The Fitness Junkie

fitness-blenderGet: Chengor Electric Protein Blender, $17

A tumbler cup that doubles as its own on-the-go blender is the perfect pick for a gym rat or health nut who’s all about the protein shakes and afternoon smoothies. It makes it possible to whip up nutritious drinks anytime, anywhere – and that’s sure to make pre- and post-workout fueling up a total breeze.


The Homebody

slippersGet: Portuguese Treasures Sheepskin Slippers, $39

For those who would rather spend a Saturday night in with Netflix than out at the bar, an ultra comfortable pair of slippers is the perfect pick to make lounging around the house feel all the more luxurious, and to keep homebodies warm on cold nights.



The Movie Buff

film-festival-in-a-boxGet: Indie Flix Film Festival in a Box, $19

For the movie buff who has seen everything and always has a thing or two to say about a flick, the Film Festival in a Box is the perfect option to tap into any film fanatic’s inner critic. Choose from different themes – think adrenaline, love, horror, etc. – and then give the gift of four short films that have actually been featured in festivals worldwide. The box comes with trivia and critic instructions cards, so it offers something a little interactive, and best of all, the proceeds from the purchase benefit the filmmakers.


The Puzzle Solver

new-york-timesGet: A New York Times Subscription, $143

Anybody who loves challenging their mind and solving a puzzle will love having a subscription to the New York Times for the sake of having a new crossword puzzle on the daily. Plus, any gift that also doubles as an opportunity to brush up on the news is a pretty great selection.



The Writer

poppinGet: Poppin Shine On Pen + Notebook Set, $50

A writer can never have too many notebooks, whether they just need a place to just scribble down ideas when writer’s block hits – writing things by hand actually has the ability to spur creativity – or they like having a small notebook at all times for when inspiration hits on the go. And this set of chic notebooks, which comes complete with a matching trio of pens, is just as stylish as it is beyond useful.


The Cheese Fanatic

cheese-makingGet: Artisanal Cheese-Making Kit, $115

Cheese lovers will love getting to tackle the process of making their favorite food item. This kit comes with everything needed to make 15 different hard cheeses at home, both fresh and aged. This includes varieties like cheddar, feta, colby, mozzarella, ricotta, and cream cheese.


The Workaholic

workaholic-bath-bombsGet: Beauty by Earth Bath Bomb Set, $26

For the person who spends all their time at the office or running around to get things done, there’s nothing quite as fitting as the gift of some relaxation. This set comes with luxurious bath bombs for different purposes, like muscle relief, joint relief, and relaxation, so each will offer a slightly unique experience thanks to different ingredients but all of them will be equally soothing on the mind, body and senses.


The Clean Freak

marble-coastersGet: Crafts of Egypt White Marble Coaster Set, $39

Nobody wants rings from cups on their tables and counters. Especially not those who are crazy about cleanliness on a regular basis, anyway. Help giving clean freak’s one less thing to worry about with this set of chic marble coasters that keeps tabletops safe from ring-causing mugs and glassware.


The Beauty Queen

fresh-lip-setGet: Fresh Sugar Lip Spree Set, $56

If you’re shopping for someone who is a bit of a makeup junkie, this lip set from Fresh is sure to please thanks to its range of perfect-for-winter tints. The tints have a bit of a sheer finish, and are perfect for on-the-go touch-ups thanks to their small size, which is ideal for portability. Plus, a nourishing lip balm in the kit is especially perfect to protect lips in cold winter elements.


The Perpetually Late Friend

rose-gold-clockGet: Oversized Rose Gold Decorative Wall Clock, $25

Even if you don’t necessarily think that a clock, or not knowing the time, is the reason that your consistently late friend is always late, it can never hurt to send a sweet, funny, and ultra pretty rose gold message this decorative wall clock. (And maybe the problem really was that they didn’t know the time, and this will make them perpetually punctual.)


The Devoted Instagrammer

fujifix-printerGet: Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer, $28

For the friend who is a staunch believer in “doing it for the ‘gram,” a smartphone photo printer that can instantly pull expertly filtered images from an expertly curated feed and print them like polaroid pictures is perfect.


The Musician

musicians-diceGet: Philomuse Musician’s Dice, $19

Everybody knows what to suffer from a lack of inspiration from time to time. Unfortunately for musicians, whose entire work flow depends on feeling inspired, the occasional bout of writer’s block can be a serious hindrance to the creative process. Keep the music maker in your life ready next time a slump hits with these dice that help reignite the creative juices by combining different notes that will at the very least help clear any musician’s mind and at best sound like the start of a killer melody.


The Risk Taker


Get: Pleasure & Pain Hot Sauce Challenge Pack, $29

If you know someone who is always down for a risk or a challenge, then meet (and exceed) their expectations with a firey set of assorted hot sauces that are sure to have the recipient of the gift relishing in crazy levels of heat.

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