Here’s How the Slowave Movement Rethinks Your Brain’s Sleep Process

With the way many of us manage our work-life balance, sleep seems like something that you constantly strive for, but that remains elusive. Productivity is often favored at the expense of a good night’s sleep, and it’s painfully uncommon to find yourself struggling to get the recommended eight hours of shut eye.

Too often, the culprit behind lack of sleep tends to be the brain – you overthink, you stress, or you worry over inconsequential issues that cut into your rest. As a result, the problem of sleep deficit has become a mounting difficulty that is often talked about either as a badge of honor – it’s now impressive to demonstrate how well you can function on so little sleep – or as a frustratingly impossible issue to overcome. However, either mindset can be toxic to your brain and your health, which is why the Slowave movement aims to transform your perspective.

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Championed by Sean Monahan, an advertising executive, Slowave is defined as “reframing sleep as an essential experience rather than a dead loss.”  Monahan explores the “hidden potential that can result from the unconscious third of our lives,” where our time resting can be utilized for creativity and better brain rewiring. His whole concept revolves around looking at sleep as neither a luxury or a necessary evil, but rather as an activity that can help recharge your body and boost your immune health. He says the shift in perspective can lend to a more beneficial life and overall better wellbeing, whereby getting sleep is as basic and intrinsic as satisfying your hunger instead of an economic input for a productivity output. With Slowave, you’re letting your body do what it does naturally: adjusting its own circadian rhythms. Yet the difference here is simply the fundamental thinking process around sleep.

This kind of switch in mentality comes as a pretty radical shift in a world continually focused on what’s happening right this second, and where we’re buzzing over social media trends 24/7. But the benefits are undeniable. Through altering your perspective on sleep with Slowave, for example, you can leverage the inherent creative potential in waking up better-rested. One reason for this is that dreaming through the REM cycle can apply more of an impact to your artistic processes. And with such a clear payoff, the Slowave movement could be the next trend to help your struggles with sleeping.


While Slowave rejects commercial sleeping pills as aids for sleep, stating it throws off the biological rhythms of your body, it’s totally possible to realign your perspective on sleep while pursuing a natural sleep remedy, like reBloom.

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