Here’s Everything You Need for Better Sleep on Your Next Flight

There’s nothing like a hectic airport and a long-haul flight to get in the way of quality sleep when you’re traveling. But whether you have trouble getting comfortable in your seat on a plane or can never seem to block out everything and everyone surrounding you onboard your flight, packing the right items in your carry-on can mean the difference between tiresome travel and an easy, restful journey. Here’s your guide on what to pack before your next flight!

Clara Clark Hypoallergenic Memory Foam Travel Pillow, $20

These may look more like cushioned neck braces than they do pillows, but having one to wrap around your neck while onboard your flight can instantly turn a less-than-comfortable plane seat into a perfect place to doze off.


Sleep Master Sleep Mask, $25

Just because your neighbor needs to have the overhead light on to read the latest issue of New York Magazine doesn’t mean that you should have to suffer from the glaring brightness when trying to get some shut eye.

Etymotic Research Hearing Protection Earplugs, $13

There’s nothing like a crying baby or some nonstop chit chat to get in the way of in-flight shuteye, but a good set of of ear plugs can do the job of blocking out the noise around you and giving you the silence you need to rest up.




Sockwell Women’s on The Spot Socks, $25

While loose clothing makes for the most comfortable travel attire – sweats and hoodies are something of a travel uniform in our book – compression socks promote blood flow in your legs and might help you relax and sleep comfortably.


Radha Beauty Bulgarian Lavender Essential Oil, 4 fl.oz, $14

For a quick fix to in-flight sleep troubles, bring some lavender essential oil on board (travel size, of course!). The oil, which you can rub on the nape of your neck or dab beneath your nose, will help you relax, and perhaps give you some pleasant, flowery dreams, too.

Ipnos Software, Free

While it’s not a good idea to keep a movie or TV show streaming as you try to get to sleep, that doesn’t mean that you have to opt for total silence. A playlist of serene sleep sounds can help you get to sleep faster and more peacefully. Plus, this is an alternative way to blocking out noise around you when an earplug goes missing.


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