This is the Healthiest Sleeping Position, According to Experts

Woman sleeping in her bed

If you’re a tosser and a turner, chances are you have little control over the position that you spend the majority of your time sleeping in, since that position is likely to change frequently. But it might be worth your time to at least be mindful of the position you choose when you first get to bed, since your sleep position can actually have some pretty major sleep implications for your health. As for the best position to try to stick to every night? That would be your side. 

“It has been clearly proven by research over years that sleeping on one side is the healthiest position to sleep,” says Dr. Aditi G Jha, the senior consulting physician at JustDoc. “This is because the back muscles can also relax and the weight of the body is distributed along it’s entire length, hence minimizing pressure on any one part.”

When it comes to the worst positions to sleep in, on the other hand, Dr. Jha says that the stomach tops that list. “It severely hurts your back muscles from the increased abdominal pressure,” she says, noting that this could ultimately give rise to disc disorders in the vertebral spine. “It is also surely researched in several mental health journals that
sleeping in the fetal position indicates an unhealthy mind either due to
self- insecurities or from stressful situations or relationships.”

This is great news for side sleepers – keep doing what you’re doing – but if you tend to doze off while lying on your belly or while curled up in a ball under the sheets, it may be time to assess your sleep preference.


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