Hack Jet Lag on Your Next Trip

Traveling presents an amazing opportunity to explore a new destination, experience another culture, spend time with loved ones, and/or take a break from checking your email inbox (hopefully). However, often times when you travel to a different time zone, you’re faced with a time challenge and your sleep suffers.


When traveling, time zones often change and jet lag sinks in. If you’re only away for a short time – I’m sure you don’t want to spend a few days trying to adjust to the time difference. You want to be alert and relaxed, able to take in the sights and the culture, but this is hard to do with a terrible night’s sleep.

Learn how to beat jet lag on your next trip with these simple tips:


Rest on the plane.

Sleeping on the plane will leave you energized for the day when you arrive at your destination. Taking a nap will leave you in a better place (sleep-wise) for your arrival.


Do NOT nap upon arrival!

If you arrive at your destination during the middle of the day, a nap will throw your body off. It is best to power through the day and start sightseeing or doing activities.  Then, go to sleep when it gets dark outside. This will leave you feeling refreshed for the morning and put you in the right time zone.


Sleep well before your trip.

Sleeping regularly before your trip (and always) is crucial to maximize your vacation. Regular sleep will positively affect your mood and behavior and you will reap the benefits on your vacation.


Spend less time on your phone.

Typically, you wake up and spend time on your phone, check your social media sites before bed, and respond to messages throughout the day. While on a vacation, it is beneficial to unplug for a few days and check your phone only when necessary. Not only will this benefit your sleep, but you will go to bed more relaxed.


Get some exercise.

Not only is getting exercise while away a good way to keep your regular routine, but it will also tire you out by the end of the day. Many hotels have gyms with cardio and weight training equipment.  Alternately, you can exercise outdoors.   If you are on a relaxing island getaway, try running on the beach.  You can take in your beautiful surroundings while helping yourself to get a better night of sleep!


Don’t forget to pack reBloom!

It is always nice to have some reBloom handy to aid you to sleep on your first night away.  Similarly, taking reBloom when you return from your trip will help you get back on your local time.  

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