Got Dream Déja Vu? Here’s What Your Recurring Dreams Might Mean

Plenty of people experience the phenomenon of having the same dream on more than one occasion, whether it’s multiple nights in a row or sporadically recurring over the course of a longer span of time. But if you’ve been having the same dream multiple nights (or multiple years) in a row, here’s what you need to know to see if it’s time to start paying attention.

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What Are Recurring Dreams?

A recurring dream is one that occurs repeatedly over the course of days, months or years. Each dream occurs with little difference from the last, and can occur on a schedule. While some people have the same dream every night, others have the same dream at the same time every week or even every year. Recurring dreams are vivid, and occur the most frequently during the REM phase of sleep.

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What Are My Recurring Dreams Telling Me?

Since dreams can be a way to cope with repressed desires, fears, and inner turmoil, recurring dreams don’t end until that unrest is addressed. Analyzing your recurring dream will require a certain degree of introspection. How have you been feeling lately? Are you stressed or anxious, perhaps? Consider interpreting the symbols, colors, and people present in your dream, and what connections they might have to your waking life.

How are you feeling in your dreams? Your feelings are a key factor in determining what your subconscious is trying to convey to you – especially if, say, your recurring dreams are nightmares. Although each is unique to every person, some of the most common themes of recurring dreams include being cheated on, having one’s teeth fall out, being nude in public, falling, and flying. Are any of these consistent with what you’ve been dreaming about? Learning how to interpret the symbols in your dreams can be the perfect way to make sense of recurring dreams, and to get an idea of what they are trying to tell you.

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How Else Can I Learn More?

While incredibly vivid dreams are easier to remember, there are sure to be details that slip through the cracks of your memory. If you can’t seem to decode or remember minute details of your recurring dream, keeping a dream journal is highly recommended. In addition to helping you decode your dreams, a dream journal is an important way to improve your emotional health and become more in tune with yourself.

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