The Good News: Lyft is Giving Some of Your Fare to Charity

Lyft car, Lyft will give portion of fare to charity
Raido / Flickr

Mondays can be rough. But to help you start your day (and week) off on the best possible note, we’ve rounded up some of the most positive, inspirational, or just downright sweet stories from around the web. Here, you’re feel-good news roundup to kick off your morning.

– Lyft is going to start letting your round up your fares and donate the extra change to charity (which means you don’t have to feel guilty about being too lazy to walk everywhere anymore). [Engadget]

– 46 puppies have arrived in New York after being saved from slaughter in South Korea. [The Washington Post]

– This Brazilian teacher changed her hair to support a girl who was being bullied at school. [BBC]

– This 9-year-old boy tried to raise money for his grandfather’s cancer treatment by opening a lemonade stand – and made over $20,000. (The Independent)

– Joe Biden just met the puppy version of himself and we can’t stop gushing over this photo. [People]

– A man made a wheelchair for a tiny goldfish with a bladder disorder to help it swim. [Buzzfeed]

– An intern applicant who basically rapped his application on social media (can you say most creative application ever?) just got hired by Jimmy Fallon.  [Today]

– A bunch of orange flowers magically turned the California desert into a blossoming wonderland. [The Huffington Post]

– This boxer cheering up a crying baby by tickling his tummy is the most adorable thing ever. [The Daily Mail]

– An over-60 Japanese couple wears matching outfits everyday, and this is what true love looks like. [The Telegraph]

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