The Good News: Free Tattoos, Baby Brothers, and Doggie Bicycle Crunches

Cute little boy kissing his newborn brother. Toddler kid meeting new born sibling. Infant sleeping in white bouncer under a blanket. Kids playing and bonding. Children with small age difference.

Mondays can be rough. But to help you start your day (and week) off on the best possible note, we’ve rounded up some of the most positive, inspirational, or just downright sweet stories from around the web. Here, you’re feel-good news roundup to kick off your morning.

  • A Shanghai tattoo artist is giving moms with birth scars free tattoos to help boost their confidence. [Reuters]
  • This video of a little boy meeting his new baby brother for the first time will have you as giddy as he is. [Redbook]
  • These twin sisters are doing the cutest birthday photoshoot…for their 100th birthday celebration. [ABC News]
  • Get ready to fall over laughing at this dog doing bicycle crunches with a group of exercisers in the park. [Daily Mail]
  • A dad just raised thousands of dollars to help cover student lunch debt in Washington. [The Huffington Post]
  • In order to donate her kidney to a friend in need, this woman just dropped 40 pounds. [Today]
  • A once homeless teen (who took finance classes to help his family buy a home) has now been accepted to Harvard for the fall. [ABC 7]

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