How to Give Yourself a Relaxing Spa Night Tonight

On this day – Valentine’s Day – plenty of ladies are spending their evenings out with their beaus and S.O.’s, but for those who are planning on staying in tonight, we’ve got the perfect DIY spa setup to help you show yourself a little love on this holiday dedicated to just that. Follow these simple instructions to get yourself all set up for a night in of relaxation, pampering, and ultimate self-care.



Run yourself a (super luxe) bath.

First things first, there’s nothing to set you up for a successful spa night in quite like a relaxing bath that ensures you start the night off clean and particularly unwound. This is the best way to kick things off after a bit of a stressful day, so grab some relaxing bath salts and get yourself set up for a nice, long bath to kick things off.


Set the mood.

One of the things that makes spas so relaxing is that they really know how to set a serene mood. But just because you’re not hitting up an actual spa doesn’t mean that you can’t tap into their same tricks to achieve the same results. The best way to set the tone? Light a candle with a scent that soothes you. This will tap into your senses and help you chill out.


Get the wardrobe down.

It should go without saying that a relaxing spa night is hardly as relaxing as it could be if you’re not sporting something that you’re super comfortable in. To that, we say whip out your favorite robe and pair of slippers and make that your uniform for the evening.


Get some soothing essentials.

Chances are, if you’ve been stressed out or overwhelmed lately, those emotions are showing on your face. Make sure that you nix the signs of stress by starting off with some undereye pads that are meant to reduce the appearance of things like dark circles and puffiness.


Enjoy a DIY facial.

You’ve got the eyes covered, so now tackle the face as a whole. Try out a DIY face mask recipe for a facial that uses natural ingredients straight out of your pantry. Depending on your goals – fighting redness, moisturizing, cleansing, etc. – you’ll want to use different ingredients and recipes, so find one that works best for you and run with it.

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