Everything You Need for an Award-Worthy Oscars Viewing Party

Everything you need for an Oscars Party.
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Oscars night is always the perfect evening to get together with friends and watch as the year’s top films, filmmakers, composers, and stars compete for the highest accolades of the Academy. If this year is your turn to host, make sure that your Oscars shindig is totally top notch (and then some) with this foolproof plan.

Begin with ballots.

For starters, no Oscars party would really be complete without some at-home voting to go along with the on-screen action. Make sure that all of your guests determine their predictions before showtime by giving out some handy voting ballots to everyone where they can check off everyone they think will be a winner for the night. Once the ballots are all filled out, be sure to shuffle them around the group so that everyone has somebody else’s sheet and can tally off how many predictions were right.

Plan a killer menu.

A get together is only as fantastic as the snacks provided. (Is that a saying? Because it should be.) Make sure that you’ve got a spread of plates worthy of the star-studded evening by planning a number of small (but exceptionally tremendous) hors d’oeuvres for people to snack on throughout the night. Go for a menu that combines fancier, gourmet-level eats, like a mini pear and ricotta crostinis, with more comfort food-esque options, like bacon-wrapped jalapeño poppers (or anything wrapped in bacon, really). Also be sure to whip up a variety of dips for people to enjoy with chips. And when we say “variety of dips,” we obviously mean skip the store-bought salsa and cheese dip and offer some upgraded picks like Greek feta dip and pizza dip.

And because no party menu is complete without the right drink list to go along with it, make sure that you’re ready to satisfy everyone with a line-up of cocktails and beverage concoctions like dirty vodka martini shooters and champagne mojitos.

Set the scene.

Even if you’re just going for a low-key gathering with friends for the night, it’s always nice to put in a little effort to make the setting just right. That could mean filling the room with balloons and movie posters of the nominees, if you want to go the extra mile, or just lighting a few candles to make the room smell nice and filling the space up with extra throw pillows and blankets to make it a cozy night for everyone.

Plan a game.

The Oscars are all about a little bit of healthy competition, so why not spice up the evening with the same vibes. A great way to keep any Oscars night feeling especially lively is to get a fun game started up between friends. That could be something like Oscars Bingo (we’re fans of these boards from PureWow), where guests fill out their board according to things that happen throughout the Academy Awards, or it could be something like a round of trivia with some Oscars fun facts. Whatever you pick, you’ll find that the friendly competition is a great way to keep everyone’s spirits up and to make the night a blast for the whole gang.

Make sure everyone gets a swag bag.

You know how parties when you were a kid always came with the promise of a goody bag that you could take home when the festivities came to an end? Well for some reason, that perk of partying goes away when you hit adulthood, unless your a celeb at the Oscars who gets to walk away with a seriously bountiful swag bag. Give your guests the star treatment by prepping some small little swag bags of your own for everyone to take home at the end of the night. This doesn’t need to be anything too fancy – think about filling it up with things like candy, a keychain, an iTunes gift card (perfect for watching one of the nominated films, even if it’s after the fact), makeup (for the ladies), or a hangover cure for the morning after the party.

Featured Image: Shari’s Berries / Flickr

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