Engage Your 5 Senses for Great Sleep

For some people, falling asleep is easy; however, for many of us, the struggle is real.  You may not realize it, but several different factors affect your sleep.


The way you feel when you want to go to sleep is dependent on several factors.  Overall, it’s ideal for your bedroom to be cool in temperature.

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Next, what you sleep in and on matters.  You want to choose breathable fabrics for your pajamas or…sleep nude.  Everyone has a pillow type preference but when it comes to the pillow case, it’s best to go with a high thread count one.  The  higher the thread count, the softer the fabric is and it won’t scratch or irritate your face.  Also, a supportive mattress is best.


Make sure your room is dark.  Aside from not wanting your electric bill to be higher than it already is, we sleep without lights on as light triggers our bodies to produce melatonin.

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No lights means no electronic displays shining on you which includes your mobile devices.  We know it’s hard to resist checking your phone while in bed, but it’s to your benefit that you disconnect from it at night.


Female lying on bed and closing her ears with pillow

Not surprisingly, noise can affect your ability to sleep.  Some lucky people are able to easily fall asleep and will sleep through the night without interruptions no matter what noise is made around them.  For the rest of us, we need almost complete silence or constant white noise.  You can purchase a white noise machine with a selection of soothing sounds.


Scents can have a soothing effect on people.  Lavender is one scent that is associated with feelings of calmness so you might try placing a lavender scented candle or diffuser on your night table.

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As you may have noticed, in general, people tend to sleep better while on vacation.  While the whole escape from the stresses of your regular daily life is a factor, it’s also because of the fresh bed linens.  Usually, hotels change your sheets on a daily basis; this would be a bit obsessive in your own home, but making sure to regularly put clean sheets on your bed is good practice for your sleep quality.

While not as obvious, the air quality in your home may interfere with your sleep.  To ensure the air surrounding your bedroom is clean, you can invest in an air purifier machine.  There are certain types of plants that can help with purifying the air in your home.  A few such air pollutant removing plants include Boston Ferns, bamboo palm, Gerbera daisies, garden mums, and spider plants.


sack with sunflower seeds

Many people believe it’s best if you don’t eat anything right before going to sleep.  However, eating a light snack can be helpful as long as you eat something that contains tryptophan.  A few snacks that are high in tryptophan include sunflower seeds, pistachio nuts and  mozzarella cheese.  Make sure to avoid sugar, caffeine, fried, and/or spicy foods before bedtime.

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