Energy Bar Brands That Need to be On Your Radar

It’s not always easy to find non-processed, nutritious energy bars that actually taste good, since highly-processed options defeat their own purpose of offering you a healthy snack.  To make sure that you’re all set with a healthy snack whenever you need it, we’ve saved you the research time and found these awesome, lesser-known brands with energy bars that taste good, keep you energized, and come from real good-for-you ingredients. 


Nãkd Bars

Nãkd bars are made in Britain but are shipped for free anywhere in the United States.  The packaging reveals everything you need to know, listing the percentages of each simple ingredient used – a list that’s quite short.  Flavors include favorites such as gingerbread, cocoa crunch, peanut delight, and cocoa mocha.  There are even protein crunch bars and mini bites that provide you with a tasty 6 grams of protein, and no added sugars.  The wide range of choices guarantees that you will find a Nãkd product that you love.




RXBAR is all about no B.S., and the bars feature their ingredients in bold print right on the front of the packaging.  Ingredients include well-known real foods like egg whites, dates, almonds, cashews, and peanuts.  They have nothing to hide and are ready to prove it.  Each bar packs 12 grams of protein to give you your much-needed midday energy boost.  The RXBAR flavor variety will leave any peanut butter-, chocolate-, or fruit-lover extremely satisfied.


Rise Bar

Rise Bar prides itself on the simplicity of its nutritious vegan protein bars.  Made with only five ingredients, these quick-fix bars are clean and don’t contain unnecessary additives.  They are also made with 100% real food and come in delicious flavors like organic raspberry pomegranate and organic blueberry coconut.  Rise Bar’s best-seller is its almond honey bar, which has only three ingredients but still fills you up thanks to its 20 grams of protein.



You may already know this one, but it’s still a relatively lesser-known bar that could always use a bit more hype. LÄRABARs are all about embracing simplicity while keeping things delicious.  These fruit and nut bars are dairy-, gluten-, and soy-free to make them a snack option for people with all different dietary restrictions.  Their amazing apple pie bar uses only six ingredients to recreate the popular dessert flavor in under 200 calories.  Enjoy other creative flavors like cappuccino, chocolate chip brownie, snickerdoodle, and peanut butter cookie.


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