Dysania: What it is and How to Overcome it

Dysania, also referred to as Clinomania, is the term for having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.



Is Dysania Real?

The condition is not formally recognized, but it has been used to rally those who suffer from an extreme difficulty of taking that important first step every day. It also has not yet been recognized as a valid reason for not showing up to work on time, but hopefully one day it will be.

We all know people who claim to have no trouble hopping out of bed each morning and starting their day off with a great attitude. And we appropriately assume that they belong to some sort of elite breed of human, or that they’re just liars. If they are indeed telling the truth, they live dysania-free lives.




Dysania vs. Being Tired

It seems the rest of us could make a compelling argument we suffer from a mild case of dysania, but it’s not as common as ordinary sluggishness. Plenty of people feel tired, lazy, apathetic, or even exhausted when the alarm goes off, but people with dysania often experience actual anxiety under these normal circumstances. Of course, as is the case with many mental disorders, it can be challenging to draw definitive lines regarding who should and shouldn’t be be diagnosed, or to what extent they suffer from it.

A good litmus test for whether or not you suffer from dysania is to write out specific words to describe how you feel when it’s time to get out of bed. If you find it difficult, tiresome, frustrating, or challenging, you’re probably like the rest of the population. However if you find the experience stressful, anxious, overwhelming or even debilitating, it’s probably a good idea to talk to your doctor for more analysis and possible treatment or coping options.


Can you cure dysania?

While there isn’t necessarily a cure for the rest of us who just wish we could sleep in a little later, there are good ideas that can serve as “treatment options.” Some practical steps include getting more sleep and using different types of alarm clocks. There are sleep and alarm apps such as the Sleep Cycle app, which promises to wake you during lighter cycles of sleep and leave you feeling less tired. Alarmy is an alarm app that advertises itself as the most obnoxious alarm. It forces you to do something that requires enough effort to wake you up, like taking a picture of your bathroom sink.

Regardless of whether you seriously suffer from Dysania or just wanting to sleep in a little longer each morning, one of the best solutions is simply allowing more time to sleep. If you have a strict work schedule that requires early morning arrival, make it a priority to go to bed sooner. Conversely, if you work evenings, set the alarm an hour or two later each morning, if possible. If you find it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep, try reBloom, an all-natural sleep solution designed to leave you refreshed in the morning.

As for the super humans out there who hop right out of bed each day, you may never know what someone with Dysania experiences, but at least now you know what to call it.

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