Dream Symbols and What They Mean: People

Dreams: we all have them. We may not remember them every night, or most nights, but when we do, things can get pretty weird. Do you ever have dreams so vividly strange that they make you question the meaning of it all? You’re not alone. We set out to find what all our dreams, and the symbols within them, mean, and will tackle the topic according to themes. First up? Taking a closer look at the different people you see while you’re asleep.


There may be many different contexts in which we see babies in our dreams, and each can mean something different. For the most part, it means one of two things. You may dream about a baby because you or someone around you has been acting immature or needs to be nurtured and given more attention. More specifically, it could means to nurture a certain aspect of yourself, like your confidence. Babies also symbolize new beginnings, so seeing a baby could mean you are moving on to a new stage in life in some way or that you’re starting a new project.


Teachers can come in many forms in real life, like a boss, mentor, parent, friend or a literal school teacher. If you see someone you associate with teaching in your dream, it usually means you are seeking advice or looking for someone to talk to about a problem or challenging situation going on in your life. These dreams can also occur when you’ve made a difficult decision or sometimes even help you realize that a decision is needed.

Older People

Dreaming of elderly people doesn’t always mean you’re thinking about getting older, although that is one possibility. Another possibility is that it represents wisdom or advice given to yourself or to others. Usually it has to do with lessons learned in the past that will help you in the future. Older people in dreams can also suggest that it is time to move on in your life, forgive past experiences, and use knowledge gained from those experiences to your advantage moving forward.

People from Your Past

Sometimes dreaming about people from your past just means that you miss someone, but the specific person you dream about can tell you a lot about what is going on in your current life. Often when you dream about people from your past, their personality traits represent an aspect of your personality you’re currently struggling with or the presence of someone in your life that reminds you of that person from your past. For example, if you dream about childhood friends, it probably means there’s something stressful going on in your life and these friends either remind you of those stresses or make you think of a time when you had less worries and responsibilities.


Dreams about your parents can have tons of different meanings, and because not everyone has the same relationship with their parents, they’re usually more specific to each individual. In a general sense, parents represent love, shelter and nurturing. You could either be missing your childhood and feeling like you need to be nurtured, or it could be a sign of a good relationship where you feel supported and loved. Dreams like this can also represent the real-life application of a lesson learned from your parents. Usually in your dreams, whatever type of relationship – good or bad – you have with your parents mirrors the relationships and situations in your current life.


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