This Design Secret Will Help You Sleep Better in No Time

Feng Shui bedroom

You’ve tried everything from supplements to sleep aids, and you still aren’t getting truly restful sleep. But have you thought about reorganizing your bedroom? Believe it or not, while you’ve been trying everything else under the sun (err, moon) to doze off, the secret to a better night’s sleep may have been lying in a little thing called feng shui all along.

The term feng shui originated in Chinese philosophical thought, and places an emphasis on finding harmony between people and the physical world. To put it simply, it’s all about creating balance, and how that balance can, in turn, foster positive energies. So, where does sleep come in? Well, you can think of your bedroom as a sacred place that’s all your own, and one where you’re at your most vulnerable. If you’re like many others, you can only get the best, deepest sleep in your own bed, which is mostly thanks to the “first-night effect”, which – spoiler alert – posits that it’s hard to sleep in a strange bed because your body places itself on high-alert due to the abrupt change in environment.

The human body responds differently (and in an array of ways) to change. So, if you aren’t sleeping all that well (or want to see just how much your sleep could improve), you may want to consider rearranging your bedroom to foster more of a sense of balance. While there are a number of ways you can go about this, let’s go over a few of the basics.

Re-evaluate your bed placement.

Take note of where your bed is placed in your room. You’ll want to start by placing the headboard of your bed against the most solid wall, for support, and to foster strength and protective energy. Additionally, you’re going to want to place your bed somewhere where you can see the door, but where it is not aligned with the door. Doors and doorways are metaphorically symbolic of the “new” (new opportunities, new relationships and the like), so remaining unaligned with the door but keeping it within eyesight means that you can see, feel and intercept the energies that come into your life, whether or not they’re there to stay.

Balance the areas around your bed.

Now that your bed is against a solid wall and unaligned with the door, make sure there is an equal amount of space on both sides and that you can easily access your bed on both sides. Dont push your bed against a wall on either side, and if you have a nightstand on one side, make sure there’s a nightstand on the other. It’s essential to create a sense of balance around your sleeping area by going for this kind of symmetry whenever possible.

Don’t keep anything under your bed.

Many people use the area under their bed for storage, but this is a no-no for feng shui. Storing things under your bed interrupts the flow and circulation of positive energies around you as you rest. Try clearing out that area underneath and it may just have a huge impact on your sleep. (Besides, that’s what the closet in the hallway is for, right?)

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