The Chicest Home Decor Pieces You Can Get From H&M

Maybe we were too busy perusing the clothing racks to notice, but H&M, so it would seem, has a home section (who knew?). Not just that, but it’s got a home section that’s full of sleek, classy finds that anybody would love to add to their home decor. Whether you’re moving into a new apartment or redecorating an outdated room in your house, finding the perfect mix of decor to make the area fun yet balanced is always tricky. Thankfully, H&M has all the little pieces to pull your room together and create a chic space on a low budget. Here, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites

pineapple jar

Glass Pineapple Jar, $13

Nothing says chic like a glass jar shaped like a fruit. The small pop of gold makes it stand out just the right amount, but this accessory can fit in with almost any other decor. Plus, it’s a more than just a decoration because you can actually put stuff in it.


leaf plate

Feather-Shaped Metal Plate, $18

Need a place to keep your jewelry on your dresser? What about pens and pencils on your desk? Random trinkets that don’t have a specified place, but you still need to keep them around just in case you might use them one day? Hold all your random belongings in style with this plate.


Moss-Knit Throw, $60

The key to making any place look and feel instantly cozy is a super soft throw blanket. Add some fringe and a bright color, like this one and you not only have a cozier room, you also have a statement piece.


Star-Shaped Hooks, $6

If you ever need a little reminder that you’re a star, these decorative hooks are for you. Use them for coats, purses, keys or even kitchen utensils because wherever you put them, these hooks are sure to brighten the room.


Jacquard-Weave Cotton Rug, $50

Rugs are one of the best and easiest ways to bring a dull room to life. Pick a rug with colors and patterns neutral enough not to throw off the whole room but exciting enough to give it a little added personality.


Chiffon Flower Cushion Cover, $13

You can really never have too many throw pillows, right? Especially if they’re as pretty as this one. Add a statement piece and upgrade your level of comfort with a fluffy yet elegant pillow.


Round Mirror, $13

This item brings two things to the table: a perfect way to take up wall space with a trendy decor piece and a chance to look at yourself every time you walk by. Hang it by the door for that last minute makeup and hair check.

vase 2Stoneware Vase, $18

Flowers will always be able to light up a room, but the vase you put them in could make or break the display. Use this gorgeous turquoise vase to add a little color to any space, even when your flowers are past their prime.

candle 2

Pyramid-Shaped Candle Stick, $10

There is literally nothing that screams class like this gold candle stick holder. Even if you’ve never bought candles that aren’t made to go on top of a birthday cake, this fancy holder will make you want to host a candle-lit dinner every night of the week.


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