Tips to Help You Upgrade Your Home Without Breaking the Bank

Upgrade your home on a budget.

Home in need of a major upgrade, but wallet not exactly feeling the transformation? Take your decor to the next level without breaking the bank, with the help of these little tips on where to start for easy, budget-friendly upgrades.

Spruce up your lighting fixtures.

There’s nothing like boring light fixtures to make a room feel dull. Luckily, dressing up your lamps and lights around the house can be done super cheaply – plus with a lot of variety. On the one hand, sprucing up your light fixtures might just mean swapping out a bland old lampshade for something with a bit more pizazz. On the other, it could mean going a step further by playing with different lines, shapes, and ideas to take your overhead lighting to the next level. Think unconventional bulbs and unexpected light “containers,” like cages or recycled bottles.

Add a kitchen backsplash.

Sometimes a full-on painting or wallpapering job is a little bit too ambitious for you to take on. Even so, you can still reap the transformative benefits of an upgraded wall with a chic backsplash to spruce up your kitchen. Sure, the original purpose of kitchen backsplashes was to create a protective, easy-to-clean space between your countertops and cabinets (especially since a portion of the space falls into the stovetop splash zone), but getting creative with your backsplash makes the functional upgrade a stylish one, too. Try going for something sleek like a basic tile look, or go a bit more out of the box by trying out options like wood, paper, or even a pegboard that doubles as extra storage.

Upgrade your knobs.

For a super tiny tweak that can go a super long way, consider swapping out old knobs on doors and furniture for new, stylish options instead. All it takes is changing things up with a knob that’s non-traditionally square-shaped, or one that looks like a crystal, to elevate your home without being too loud in the approach. And if you’re feeling especially ambitious, you can also try to go for something a little artsier, like a doorknob with a print.

Install a few floating shelves.

A good looking home is almost always, by default, a well-organized and clean home. But when you don’t exactly have enough storage options for your items around the house, it’s easy to get lost in clutter. For a super quick and cost-effective tweak, grab some floating shelves and mount them right up on the wall. Not only will the shelving help you get your things in order, but it will offer a fresh opportunity to display things that add to the aesthetic you’re going for at home, thus boosting your decor and the overall look of your home.

Artwork, artwork, artwork.

You hardly need to be a die hard art collector to start growing your own little collection of artwork for your home. And likewise, you hardly need to break the bank to start building that personal collection. Whether you’re a fan of paintings, art prints, or sculptures, snagging a few pieces that you’re a big fan of and displaying them around the house is a fantastic way to showcase your taste, and a valuable element to your decor. And when you look into using affordable sites, like 20×200 and Society6, you can always be sure that you’ll be grabbing something especially unique (and really budget-friendly!) for your home.

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