How to Make Your Weekday Morning a Little Bit Easier

The Monday blues. Most people start to dread going back to work before they’ve even started their days on Sunday. And even before Monday rolls around, people already have the mindset that the day is going to be never-ending. But since Mondays aren’t really going anywhere – if only – our time would undoubtedly be better spent figuring out how to make the most of it than dreading its arrival! To help nix the Monday blues once and for all, try one of these great ways for you to make the most of your morning in order to have an easy and struggle-free start to your week. 

Early morning breakfast with juice, coffee, and toast with jam.

Eat Breakfast

Everyone says it: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. Skipping out on this vital part of your morning routine is not only unhealthy, but the growling stomach you will be faced with after a couple of hours of being awake will distract you from getting any work done. So instead of heading into the day on an empty stomach, start your morning with a healthy meal like an omelette or a small bowl of cereal. And if you don’t have enough time to whip something up, you can always grab something from your local deli or convenience store, like a simple breakfast bar or sandwich that you can easily eat on the go. 

Woman waking up early in the morning.

Get Up Earlier

We know, we know – not a particularly appealing idea. Waking up ten minutes before your alarm is supposed to go off sounds absolutely terrible. But there is a positive reason for this suggestion. An earlier start to your morning reduces your stress level and allows you to take your time getting ready rather than rushing around your apartment like a crazy person. Starting your morning stress-free and not frazzled by your morning routine will always make for a better Monday overall.  

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Drink a Glass of Water

It’s a known fact: most people don’t drink enough water throughout the day. Let’s face it: when you’re just trying to get through a crazy hectic afternoon, it’s not exactly easy to remember to hydrate above all else. But the key to getting the hydration that you need is being prepared. Put a full glass of water on your nightstand so that in the morning, when you reach over to turn off your alarm, you’ve got your water right there to start your day with. That way, you feel energized and hydrated before you fill yourself up with coffee and a bagel.

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