The Best Way to Improve Your Productivity, According to Science


You have a ton of things to get done on your to-do list, but you just cannot seem to find the motivation to be productive. Believe me, we have definitely all been there. However, there is a real and proven way to improve your productivity, and it is actually as easy as getting some more sleep at night (something we probably all need).

A study done by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine studied a group of 17 professional basketball players. First, they got 6.3 hours of sleep and were tested for their cognitive abilities, functioning throughout the daytime, and response time. Then, they slept for 6.9 hours for five days straight and were tested again. You can probably guess the results, but in all categories their functioning improved when they got more sleep. In addition, their fatigue and stress decreased.

Sleep does so many things besides refreshing energy. It can help you make decisions faster, improve your memory, and even make fewer mistakes. Making yourself a priority can be as simple as going to bed a little earlier or waking up a little later to guarantee a much better day tomorrow!

Clearly, sleep is beyond important for your health. It helps you function better throughout the day, but it also helps us to become more productive during the day. If you feel as if you have not had the motivation to get things done and be productive, try getting some more shut-eye. You might be surprised at the results and how much better you can actually feel the next day!

So try getting to bed early tonight for a definite better and a more productive tomorrow! You just might be able to get your full to-do list done!

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