The Best Facial Scrubs and Cleansers for Sensitive Skin

Woman washing face in bathroom

When you have sensitive skin, it’s normal to be wary of trying new exfoliating products that could either leave your skin glowing or with a not-so-radiant reaction. Thankfully, there are plenty of brands that have come out with products that won’t wreak havoc on your complexion. They eliminate irritation and give your face the results you would hope for from an exfoliator – that glow – without the usual tears. After using these products, you can look forward to a “just left the spa” kind of complexion, making them the perfect way to kick off any morning and leave you fresh faced and ready to tackle the day.

Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub$6

It doesn’t get any better than this – a facial scrub for people struggling with sensitive skin that has been recommended by dermatologists and isn’t a wallet buster. What more could we ask for? And this stuff is also hypoallergenic, and made with a formula that contains no dyes, chemicals, or artificial fragrances, which really helps keep your skin free from irritation.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Gentle Daily Scrub$6

Just like the name says, this scrub is all about giving your skin a seriously deep clean without irritating it in the process. This formula cleans your pores from any dirt and grime that may get stuck there throughout the day or overnight. What makes this stuff especially great for sensitive skin is the fact that it is oil-free. Plus, the microbeads in the scrub gently brush up against your skin, while certain chemicals, like betahydroxy acid, keep your skin extra soft.

Boscia Tsubaki Oil-Infused Exfoliating Powder$16

Now, you might be sitting there thinking, “Powder? I thought we were talking scrubs?” Well, this powder cleans out your pores just as well (maybe even better, if we do say so ourselves) than any scrub on the market, and it does it while staying gentle for the people struggling with irritated skin. Not only does it take dirt out of your pores, but it also hydrates and gives your skin a younger, glowing look.

Laboratoire Remede Sweep$48

This clay-based formula is extremely creamy and smooth, and it can be used either on its own or mixed into a liquid cleanser that you use regularly. Your dead skin cells will be removed immediately without leaving your face with a lot of redness and irritation. This one may be a splurge, but you will be happy with the outcome!

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