This App Tells Adults Bedtime Stories to Help Them Sleep Better

Girl listening to story before bed

Remember when you were a kid and got to fall asleep to the calming sound of somebody telling you your favorite bedtime story before lights out? Then suddenly adulthood hits and your pre-bed routine includes checking your email one last time for the night and answering one final text before finally trying to get some shuteye.

But just because childhood is long behind you doesn’t mean that bedtime stories necessarily need to follow suit. Thanks to a new app – Calm – bedtime stories are becoming as much a part of adults’ bedtime routines as they are children’s. And it’s good news, too, since some of the benefits of bedtime stories for children  – i.e. clearing the mind and helping kids relax after an active day – are just as important for adults as they are for younger sleepers.

With Calm, you can choose from classic tales like Sleeping Beauty (narrated by The Bachelorette’s own Nick Viall) and The Emperor’s New Clothes (narrated by NPR’s Laura Sydell), or you can opt for something a little different. For example, one of the app’s latest offerings is a story titled Blue Gold, in which narrator (and English comedian) Stephen Fry takes listeners on a relaxing journey through lavender fields and quiet villages in Provence, France. (Not a bad place to be transported right before dozing off, if we do say so ourselves.)

Whichever selection you choose to go with, there’s no doubt that the nostalgic comfort of a calm voice telling you a story before bed will be a welcome addition to your evening routine.

Love the idea of bedtime stories helping you get to sleep but still on the lookout for something else to help you get to sleep and stay asleep? With relaxing ingredients like lavender and chamomile, reBloom is the natural solution to better sleep night after night (whether you’ve got time for a story or not).

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