6 Small Things You Don’t Realize Are Tiring You Out

Girl falling asleep at her desk.

There’s rarely a shortage of reasons for you to feel pretty burnt out every week. From busy work schedules, to hectic to-do lists, to stressing about finding time to workout and squeeze in gym time, the list of common sources of exhaustion can be, for lack of a better word, exhaustive. But with so many major things already making you feel worn out, there’s no point in making matters worse with the small, lesser-known sources of serious tiredness. We’ve rounded up a few of the little things in your day-to-day that you probably don’t realize are making you extra exhausted on the regular. Pay closer attention to these, and we guarantee you’ll start feeling pretty rejuvenated in no time!

You’re not drinking enough water.

There are a million (seriously, though, there are a lot) of reasons that drinking enough water should always be high on your list of priorities. But in case you’re still not hydrating enough on the regular, here’s one more reason to drink up. When you don’t have enough water on a daily basis, your body can have trouble focusing and keeping its energy levels up, making it more likely for you to fall victim to fatigue during the day.

You like to sleep in on the weekends.

When the weekdays always call for early mornings, it’s nice to enjoy sleeping in a bit on the weekends. But when you let your sleep schedule change too much between weekdays and weekends, or from week to week, you set yourself up for regular fatigue. To keep your energy levels balanced throughout the day, the key is to maintain a consistent sleep schedule – something that isn’t going to happen when you let yourself sleep in until 11 a.m. on a Sunday only to wake up at 7 a.m. on Monday.

You’re not big on breakfast.

If you’re constantly skipping breakfast, you’re not giving your body the fuel that it needs to get a good start to the day every morning. Instead of ditching the meal, focus on filling up on healthy foods like whole grains and lean protein that will boost your metabolism after a good night of sleep and that will give you the energy to take on the day.

You’re not making time for the gym.

Getting to the gym may seem like a totally lost cause when you’re feeling tired, but working in a sweat session could be the secret to getting your energy levels in check. When you exercise, not only do you improve your circulation and give tissue throughout your body more of the oxygen it needs to function at its best, but you also help ensure a better night’s sleep on a nightly basis, which in turn means feeling more well-rested during the day.

You eat a ton of sugar and simple carbs.

If you’re eating a whole lot of junk food, you can bet you’re going to deal with a whole lot of fatigue as a result. The higher that foods rank on the glycemic index, the more likely they are to leave you feeling super exhausted since they lead to major spikes in your blood sugar.

Your apartment is a mess.

While feeling tired might deter you from tidying up a messy kitchen or bedroom, the reality is that clutter could be what’s wearing you out. Studies have found that the messier your living space is, the more stressed out you get, which ends up being mentally taxing and leaving you feeling pretty fatigued.


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