8 Bedroom Decor Tips to Maximize Space in a Small Room

Small bedroom decor

Your bedroom is supposed to be your safe space; a place where you can relax and escape the stress of your daily responsibilities. If you’ve got a small bedroom, though, you might end up feeling more cramped, trapped and overwhelmed with your space than you do at ease. But, just because your room is small doesn’t mean it necessarily has to feel small. With the right decorating (and, of course, decluttering) techniques up your sleeve, you can easily make your room look and feel like the comfortable haven that you want it to be, even if that haven doesn’t exactly give you a ton of space to work with. 

Get creative with your bed.

Having a bed in your bedroom is obviously a necessity, but you don’t have to feel constricted to beds that will take up all the space in the room. Get creative. Go for a bed that folds out of the wall or a futon or couch bed that serves more than one purpose. If you feel like pulling you your bed from a wall or couch every night isn’t your style, just opt for a smaller bed. The king bed may have been luxurious, but is it really practical for your room size? (We promise, the queen or even full-sized bed will be totally fine.

Use smarter storage techniques.

Dressers and armoires take up a lot of floor space and can leave your room feeling really cramped and inaccessible to additional furniture. Instead of keeping your belongings in bulky dresser drawers, get a bed with enough room for roll out drawers that you can keep underneath. You can even snag a few risers for your bed to instantly create even more space under your bed for storing things that you might not use on a daily basis. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a closet, you can organize it with shelves sections or drawers so that you can fit all your clothes inside instead of keeping some things in the closet and some in a dresser.

Take full advantage of your walls.

Once you’ve gotten rid of the dressers and armoires, do the same to bookshelves and nightstands by installing hanging shelves on your wall. These shelves can be used to hold pretty much anything you need, and won’t make your room feel excessively cluttered by taking up too much floor space. And don’t just stop at shelves – use your walls to mount mirrors that were previously sitting on the floor, or a tv that called for a space-hoarding stand.

Invest in multifunctional furniture.

Just like the futon and the under-bed storage, any multifunctional furniture will help you maximize storage space and minimize clutter. Try a desk or nightstand that folds out from the wall, or a bedside table or bench that has cabinet space underneath. In a small space, less is always more, but if you feel like you really need a certain piece of furniture, it’s better to compromise and make sure it serves more than one purpose.

Keep a soothing tone. 

Make your room look bigger using color schemes. Use a light, simple color palette throughout for room to create an environment that is super relaxing and calming for your mind. If you decide to use patterns, try to at least create a sense of harmony between different elements in your bedroom, like your bedding and curtains. While playing around with colors and prints isn’t a total no-go, you just want to make sure not to go too overboard, since having a lot of different elements at once can feel too busy and make your room feel even smaller. 

Make the most of vertical space. 

Making the most of a small room is all about finding ways to use the space you do have in the smartest way possible. In the case of additional furniture – maybe you just weren’t ready to part with that bookcase just yet – that means going for picks that are taller and thinner rather than wider since these tend to take up less floor space. Get furniture that extends all the way to the ceiling so you have more storage space without losing a lot of floor space. Plus, the vertical lines this setup creates will draw the eye upward and create the illusion of spaciousness. Don’t forget to think tall and vertical with the curtains or drapes, too. Hanging them above the top of the window and closer to the ceiling can really make the room feel more open. 

Minimize clutter.

It might be obvious to reduce the clutter created by unnecessary furniture, but the little stuff matters just as much. When topping off your shelves or the tops of bedside tables, pick and choose your décor carefully. Displaying everything at once will make a small room feel too crowded, so choose your favorite photos or vases and keep it simple. 

Brighten things up. 

The right lighting can really make or break a space. In this case, having multiple sources of lighting will bounce the eye around the room and make it seem larger. Stick with the soothing color scheme and go for light curtains that let in more natural light. You can also add an overhead lamp that lights up the room in all directions, or a couple of bedside lamps if you like to read at night. And just like those shelves, that mirror, and the tv, if you don’t want to take up nightstand space for a lamp, mounting it on the wall is the perfect fix.


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