7 Yoga Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Instagram is filled with tons of themed accounts – think: travel, food, fitness, beauty.  Yoga is no different, and yogis are all about using social media to share their practice, inspire others, and learn from other yogis along the way. With stunning poses and photography – not to mention a thing or two to learn about relaxing – here are the top yogis to follow on Instagram.

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1. Rachel Brathen

Rachel Brathen, Insta-famous as Yoga Girl, has sparked a following of two million users and has a total of 5,713 posts.  She has taken her yoga lifestyle international after finding her passion for the practice in her teenage years.  While she is originally from Sweden, Rachel currently teaches yoga in Aruba and previously taught in Costa Rica.  This passionate yogi traveler has created a loyal yoga-loving community, which continues to grow as she teaches classes, workshops, and now offers peaceful and luxurious yoga retreats in the Caribbean.

2. Morgan DeYoung

Morgan DeYoung, a.k.a. The Southern Yogi, is an Acroyoga pro with a loyal following of 251k followers and an unbelievable total of 6,527 posts.  Co-author of the Soul Sister Acroyoga eBook, Morgan intensely practices this partner- and lift-based yoga style that combines yoga and acrobatics.  She is often seen upside-down suspended in the air only supported by her partner’s palms or feet and her own core strength.  This practice is extremely difficult, but Morgan’s photos and videos make it look incredibly natural as she moves through the air with ease.

3. Mariele Chambers

Yogi traveler Mariele Chambers began her practice in high school. She is currently participating in a yoga retreat at Hale Kai Retreat Center in Hawaii where she is teaching other yogis while also furthering her own practice. Mariele has a personal blog where she shares her personal beliefs, experiences, and lifestyle choices.  She hopes to raise awareness and inspire others to consider different ways of life, such as eating vegan or practicing yoga daily.

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4. Kino MacGregor

Kino MacGregor shares her love for yoga with her one million followers on her Instagram account, Kino Yoga.  Kino encourages individuals to use yoga as a way to promote strength, flexibility, and peacefulness.  She loves the spiritual component of yoga and how it helps with self-centering.  Her personal website offers advice blog posts, yoga challenges, videos, yoga poses and more for people to join her in her yoga journey on and off the mat.

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5. Heidi Zoltak

Heidi Zoltak is way more than an inspiration to just yogis; she’s is also a mom, wife, amputee, cancer survivor, and a major yoga-lover.  She motivates her 27.2k followers by sharing her life through social media with posts about her practice, family, friends, and simply, herself.  As a right leg amputee, Heidi caters her practice to her personal needs, which is what yoga is all about.

6. Jessica Olie

Jessica Olie began her yoga practice in February 2014 and became a qualified yoga teacher that summer.  For eight years, she was a national level swimmer, which is, of course, extremely physically and mentally demanding.  Jessica retired from her swimming career following her first year of university, but staying active and holding onto her “athlete” identity was still important.  Inspired by yoga’s ability to rid the mind of stress, anxiety, and other day-to-day challenges, as well as being a great workout, Jessica was “hooked.” She describes herself as “just a smoothie drinking, nutella eating yogi trying to find her balance in the world.”

7. Andrea Taylor

Andrea Taylor’s Instagram, Move Yo Asana, is all about following your dreams and personal exploration.  Her posts often encourage taking risks and believing in oneself just as she did when she worked toward her yoga teacher certification.  She’s said that before taking this risk and making the huge commitment, she felt discouraged and not confident in her practice and ability to teach.  She hopes to inspire her followers not to limit themselves, but to instead break past fears and personal assumptions about their ability to reach their goals. This caption from one of Andrea’s posts basically sums up her mission in one short phrase: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.”


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