7 Ways Technology Can Help You Fall Asleep

Technology, while essential for modern-day communication, can often hinder us more than we think. It seems like the big trend in media is to talk about how the bluish light from our phone screens interferes catastrophically with our melatonin production and circadian rhythms. In fact, a Gallup study found 42% of U.S. adults usually get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep, whereas getting more sleep is positively correlated with enhanced well-being. Regardless, it’s still a struggle to fall asleep and surprisingly, technology can actually help more than you think. From a high-tech white noise machine to soothing meditation online, we have seven ideas you can improve your sleep routine and fall asleep faster.

Aura Alarm


Falling asleep also means you need to wake up eventually, and this high-tech alarm clock excels at both functions. Made by Withings, the Aura is optimized to monitor light and stream soothing music to help you sleep. At night, the Aura emits reddish light to soothe your eyes while during the morning, it stimulates a sunrise to make you feel energized to start the day.


Night Mode on iOS

Night Mode is a hidden feature recently introduced to iPhones, where you can automatically set your phone’s brightness to adjust based on the time of day. During the night time, it minimizes bluish tones that cause you to stay awake. It’s an easy do it once and forget hack that will make life so much easier! Simply go to settings, select Display & Brightness, and tap on Night Shift.


Meditation Videos

After a long exhausting day, meditation can help calm your mind and release your worries. Meditation has been linked to reducing stress, alleviating headaches and lowering high blood pressure. It can balance your body’s energy so you can relax for sleep and wake up refreshed. Try finding meditation videos on YouTube and learning breathing exercises, it’ll work wonders.


Sleep Infuser

The Sleep Infuser is essentially the modern day white noise machine, with pulsing hums that are supposed to match brain waves to ease you to sleep. Whether it be noisy neighbors upstairs or a dripping faucet, this white noise machine can drown out the sounds outside to ensure a good night’s rest. At $450, it’s a worthwhile investment for the best Zzz’s.

bedtime bliss Sleep Mask

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

If you’re a fan of sleep masks, try the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask.  It’s better than any other freebie sleep mask you took from a hotel because it’s contoured to your eyes, allowing them to move freely in REM cycle. It also features blackout fabric so it’s perfect for sleeping in any environment whether it’s in your home or on an airplane.



Figuring out how to get the prime lighting situation in your bedroom is tricky—you don’t want to stub your toe but you also want it dark enough to sleep. The LIFX is a Wifi-enabled LED lightbulb with intuitive controls that allow you to adjust the lighting to your exact preference. Connect to the app on your phone and you can instantly create the ambiance you want for everything from bedside reading to catching your Zzzs.


Nature Documentaries

It’s no secret that being in nature and immersing yourself in wildlife sounds is great for your mind and spirit. It’s been proven that nature gives a sense of interconnectedness and calm, making it a great experience to soothe your soul to sleep off the day’s stressors. Most of us don’t have the luxury of being near a beautiful forest, so technology can help. Watching cute penguins from a National Geographic documentary or taking a virtual walk through the Himalayas is guaranteed to give you great dreams.

In addition, you can ensure you get a good night of sleep by drinking a natural sleep elixir such as reBloom at bedtime and wake up feeling refreshed for your next day.


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